What Do We Think is Going to Happen in This is Us Season 2?

What Do We Think is Going to Happen in This is Us Season 2?

This Is Us follows Jack and Rebecca Pearson, who had expected triplets. However, one of their expected triplets was stillborn, which is why they adopted a black child named Randall who was born at around the same time, thus resulting in the family of Jack and Rebecca Pearson with their three children Kate, Kevin, and Randall. So far, This Is Us has been met with both critical and commercial success, so it should come as no surprise to learn that NBC has renewed it through its third season. Something that should provide fans of the TV show with plenty of reasons to celebrate.

Here are five predictions for the second season of This Is Us:

Kate Will Struggle with Her Hesitation to Sing

Kate has decided that she would like to start singing again after seeing a picture of her mother singing into a microphone. However, she will have to overcome her reluctance to sing in public before she can do so, which we know is because she is concerned about what people will think about her weight. As a result, it seems probable that Kate will have to struggle with her self-confidence issues in Season 2, though the exact manner in which said issues will be resolved remains to be seen.

Learn More About Jack’s Death

On a related note, we know that Kate still blames herself for her father’s death, but it remains unclear to us why this is the case. It could be that this is baseless because a person’s sense of guilt is not rational, but at the same time, it could be that this belief has a basis in the truth, however tenuous it might be. In particular, it will be interesting to see whether Jack’s death had anything to do with Kate convincing him to go see Rebecca’s show or not.

Learn More About the Children’s Feelings About Miguel

In the present, Rebecca has a second husband in the form of Miguel, who was Jack’s best friend before he died when the Pearson children were still teenagers. We know that Kevin is hostile towards Miguel, but it will be interesting to see what Kate and Randall thinks of him. So far, we have had nothing but civic behavior between them, but that means little when they have never interacted in a one-on-one scene.

Learn More About Rebecca and Miguel Getting Married

Speaking of which, it seems reasonable that we will learn more about how Rebecca and Miguel came to be married in the present. Some people have speculated about Miguel having had feelings for Rebecca before Jack’s death, which has caused a fair amount of fan antipathy for the character. However, other fans have remained neutral so far, though it seems probable that will change one way or the other once more information comes out about the start of their relationship.

Learn More About Kevin and Sophie’s Breakup

We might learn more about the exact details of what happened when Kevin and Sophie broke up, which is interesting because Sophie is still so hesitant about seeing the Pearson family in the present. It could be nothing but a case of someone avoiding their ex’s family because of the extreme awkwardness of the situation, but considering that Katie and Sophie used to be best friends, there could also be something else to the current state of things.

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