General Hospital Spoilers: There’s A Shift in Everyone

General Hospital fans didn’t get a new show yesterday. It was a holiday, and it was the only soap that didn’t air. So, we don’t have a recent recap. But, since we are going into a new show today, we can remind you what happened earlier in the week. You might need it after a day of fun in the sun, probably a few cocktails, and a late night of fireworks and fun celebrating the birth of America. It was a good day, and we don’t blame you for taking the time to enjoy it with the rest of the world. Right now, however, we do think there is more to this than you might imagine. There was a long week of stuff going down, and we are here to share it with you. There was the fact that Sonny brought Carly some good news that did make her feel good about the way things are going. We saw her confidence increase, and it was nice.

We watched Nelle just live her best life. She has no idea that things will fall apart with her. She feels that she did all she could to work this out for her in her own favor, and it did work. She’s not worried that anything might change that for her. But she does need to worry. She needs to worry a lot. She’s made more mistakes than she can count, and she has no idea she made them. She’s so confident that things are working out for her because she’s gotten what she wanted that she forgot that she has to contend with Chase. She’s threatened him, of course, but that doesn’t mean he’s listening to her. She’s got a lot to worry about right now, but she has no idea she does. It’s bad.

What’s Happening on General Hospital

Say it isn’t so. George Hamilton is headed directly to Port Charles, and we hear it’s for a good reason. Is there any truth to this? Is he really headed right into our favorite city to turn himself into Colonel Sanders? We doubt it, but we do think it would be the most amazing situation. And the show did share the tweet, so perhaps there is some truth to this rumor. Either way, we’ll all welcome him with some seriously open arms. He’s a favorite of all time for pretty much, well, everyone?

What’s Next on General Hospital

It will be an interesting day. Sonny is going to get word from an old friend that things are going down. He will find out what it is he needs to worry about, what is working in his favor, and he might have to adjust his plans a little bit to make sure things go his way. Either way, though, he’s got people in many places right now. They are working for him to ensure that he gets what he wants, that things work out for him, and that Nelle goes down. He’s no longer playing games with this girl. She has to go, and he’s not going to stand around and allow her to hurt his family any more than she already has. It’s tough for him to do this without Carly by his side, but he knows he has to save her and get her back to her life as quickly as possible. He will, too, with Jason and Sam working on his side.

And we will see that Franco is going to have a heart to heart talk with Scott. He’s been going back and forth about this. He’s not been sure he can get things accomplished or handled the way he wants to have them handled or accomplished, but he’s been working very hard to make sure he gets what he wants. He’s been working very hard to get this situation under control, and it’s been very exciting. He has a lot to do, but he’s going to make it happen with this conversation of his through Scott’s own feelings.

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