There’s a “Carrie” Limited Series Remake In the Works At FX


This feels a little ambitious since thus far the only real version of Carrie that anyone has really enjoyed was the original with Sissy Spacek. But according to Denise Petski of Deadline FX is coming up with a limited series of Carrie, and only six years after the remake of the movie that saw Chloe Grace Moretz take the starring role. In reality a lot of people have had something to say about the remake since it came out and several have stopped since the vitriol and uncertainty concerning it finally wore off. Personally I thought it was a pretty good adaptation since it followed the story more or less and made a good point of updating itself so as to stay with the times. Maybe the Carrie remake was ahead of its time, but a series seems kind of ambitious since one has to wonder just what else they’re going to add in to something that was more or less made to be a movie and covered a lot of the important bases that made the story what it was. Maybe they’ll go on to include elements from Carrie 2: The Rage, or possibly do something else to explain just how Carrie came to be and how her mother went insane. In a way they’d almost have to in order to make it work.

Just in case there’s anyone out there that hasn’t read the book or watched the movie, the story of Carrie White was one that is undeniably tragic but also quite odd since the power she has, that of telekinesis, is one that is typically seen in fantasy or comic book stories and is seen to make an individual quite powerful and a little bit scary really. Carrie didn’t exactly have mastery over this power but through enough practice she was able to do enough to be a rather terrifying individual. As an outcast in school she was the kind of girl that would normally be looked down upon and even subjected to one round of abuse after another, but at home, where one might think she might be the most comfortable, things were no better. Her mother was a religious fanatic whose neglect was almost as bad as what Carrie was receiving at school. Long story short, Carrie was a beleaguered individual that didn’t have any real friends and needed a very serious way in which to get back at those that had harmed her for so long. At one point she did have a ray of hope in her life as she’d been asked out to a dance by a young man who was every girl’s dream and did in fact have a girlfriend who had been present at the time that Carrie had been the most humiliated. While this woman in question didn’t get to go to the dance she’s likely fortunate since what happened is still worth talking about today.

The original movie only had so many effects to work with as they had to be more practical thanks to the lack of any real computer-driven effects that were used in the remake. This could be what people had an issue with, since CGI was still being toyed with even though it had become a favorite toy of many filmmakers at that point. Regardless, both versions of Carrie were insanely chilling since the moment that the infamous pig blood scene came along it was all over and done with as Carrie went on a rampage, covered head to toe in crimson and out of control as she began to take her revenge on those that had wronged her for so long. She caused a massacre in the gym, then went after those that tried to get away, and she was more or less successful. Then she went home, and the final showdown between her and her mother became Carrie’s dying act as she brought the house down around them. It was a rather anticlimactic end to a story that was bound to be epic in its buildup and climax, but it was still something haunting enough that we’d be talking about it for years to come.

How to go about making a series out of that is kind of hard to imagine, but at this point it’s enough to think that anyone can do pretty much anything when it comes to TV and movies, it’s just a question of why do they do it, and why is it being funded. It could turn out that this series could break new ground as far as the story goes, but it’s going to need to be something great in order to really make people believe that it’s worth watching. As a fan of Stephen King it’s a hope that it will, but the expectations are kind of low at this point.

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