Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3 Episode 13 Review: “The Cruise”

  • Brooklyn Nine-NineEach week, Brooklyn Nine-Nine proves why it’s one of the better comedies on television right now. This show is so well-rounded, balancing the comedy with great character moments and development that make us connect with these characters. And some of their best episodes to date have centered around the criminal known as the Pontiac Bandit. Knowing he would be featured in last night’s episode, there was no doubt that it would be another hit and Brooklyn Nine-Nine did not disappoint. Between great character moments between Jake and Amy and another stellar performance from Andre Braugher proving why he deserves the critical acclaim he has received, Brooklyn Nine-Nine delivered again in a very fun episode.

While previous episodes concerning the Pontiac Bandit have consisted of Jake trying to catch and arrest Doug Judy, this episode found the Bandit actually seeking out Jake and Amy. Paying for a cruise for the couple, who had no idea who was behind the free tickets, Doug Judy brought them on board the cruise ship he works because he needed their help. Convinced that someone on the ship was going to murder him, Doug turned to Jake, who he considers a friend despite Jake’s protests, to stop the murder from taking place. Jake of course didn’t believe the man he’s been trying to arrest for years, instead focusing on watching him until they got ashore and he could finally make the arrest. As it turns out, Doug wasn’t lying and someone was really trying to kill him, a murder that Jake and Amy managed to stop just in time. Watching these two men interact is always so much fun, as Doug Judy is completely oblivious to Jake’s disdain for him, instead choosing to see Jake as a friend.

What was truly important about this episode though, was the insight Doug Judy had into Jake’s relationship with Amy. Jake might not consider them friends, but he should be grateful for the advice that Doug offered him. Pointing out that Jake should realize how great of a girl he has and should do more to make her happy, Doug inspired Jake to go along with the many activities Amy wanted to do during the cruise. Even though he would rather spend his vacation relaxing by the pool, Doug helped Jake realize that in a relationship, sometimes you have to do what makes the other person happy. Along with this, Doug also helped Jake realize that in a relationship, you can’t completely avoid the emotional conversations.

These two big pieces of advice led to Jake finally admitting that he loves Amy, in a very sweet moment the two shared as they salsa danced. It was a significant step forward in their relationship and in Jake’s own personal development, as he didn’t take the easy way out and run from the emotional conversation. In the end, Jake may have failed to catch the Pontiac Bandit again, but he did gain something valuable from his interaction with Doug: a big step forward in his relationship with Amy.

Elsewhere in the Nine-Nine, we were treated to a delightful plotline, revolving around Holt’s sister Debbie, played by the fabulous Niecy Nash, coming to visit. Holt was less than thrilled at the prospect of seeing his sister, who couldn’t be more opposite of him in regards to temperament. While Holt is stoic and unemotional, Debbie is dramatic and over-the-top, creating quite the entertaining juxtaposition between siblings. In an attempt to pacify her and get work done, Holt tried to pawn her off on Terry and Gina but when he found out she was planning to stay six weeks, he knew he had to take more drastic measures. Andre Braugher absolutely nailed it, as Holt matched Debbie in his dramatics, giving her a taste of her own medicine. Realizing how much he had going on in his life, between his husband being away and all the work he had to do, she decided to leave earlier than anticipated.

Despite their differences, the two siblings were able to share a sweet moment at the end of the episode, when Holt built a blanket fort in his office to remind them of the fun they used to have together as kids. He was finally able to understand that Debbie’s dramatics often had to do with real issues, this time revolving around the fact that her boyfriend left her. Feeling bad about writing her off so quickly, Holt’s blanket fort allowed the two to reconnect over their personal lives, as they shared a very real conversation, getting to the core of what it means to have siblings.

One thing that sets Brooklyn Nine-Nine apart from other shows is that even their C-story is often just as fun as their A-story. This was true of last night’s episode, when Boyle and Rosa fought each other for an apartment. After a case took them to the apartment of a woman who had died, they both immediately fell in love with the apartment, determined to rent it. Like with Holt and his sister, this too highlighted the differences in Boyle and Rosa’s personalities. On one hand, we have Boyle who isn’t afraid to suck up and do whatever it takes to get what he wants. Rosa, on the other hand, has more pride than that and will only go so far.

In the end, they didn’t let their competition for the apartment stop them from realizing that it was actually the landlord who had killed the woman who lived in the apartment. Even if for most of the episode these two were unprofessional in their interactions with the landlord, only trying to butter him up, they were eventually able to pull together and solve the case, showing that they are true professionals. They didn’t let their own personal desires blind them from seeing what was right in front of them and that is to be commended. This C-story rounded out a highly entertaining episode, helping make another episode about the Pontiac Bandit a successful one.

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