The Worst General Hospital Couples of All Time

The Worst General Hospital Couples of All Time

The Worst General Hospital Couples of All Time04

General Hospital fans know that these are people in Port Charles who have to be in love. We cannot honestly say that there are people around here who are ever truly happy if they are not in the midst of a personal relationship with one another that brings them the best of one another. But, the problem is that they are not always bringing out the best in one another. In fact, they are most often bringing out the absolute worst. We get that, and we understand it. But we don’t know what makes it work that way. We know that they have so much more to offer one another than they think, but not when they are in bad relationships. This makes us want to go back and rank some of the best characters on the show who were in the absolute worst relationships. Do you agree with who we chose?

Liz and Jason

These two are both amazing, and we love them both. They are intelligent, strong, they are great friends, and they are great people to know. However, they are horrible in terms of being in a relationship with one another. They don’t work. They are not good. They are actually the worst of the worst, if you ask us. They don’t make it work for us, they don’t seem to do well together, and they simply don’t make things seem so good in our opinion. We know that they have a long-standing history of loving one another as the very best of friends and family, but they never worked out. They do share a child because they did have that one night where they thought things might change for them, but it did not. They tried to make it a thing, and it did not work. We didn’t love them together, and we are happy that it did not work for them. They are so good as friends, but they are really so bad for one another.

Sonny and Alexis

Here you have another set of people who seem like they are just amazing together, but they could not be worse together. They are so sweet, so good, so kind and they make such good friends and co-parents to their daughter — well, sometimes — but they don’t work as a couple. They tried it, and it was awkward to the point of being kind of sad and difficult to watch. They were clearly not made for one another, and we don’t understand why no one saw that coming for so long, but we get it. We get that some people simply don’t work out. We get that some people are not the kind of people who make the best decisions. We get that some people make mistakes. They don’t live their best lives. They don’t make the right choices, and this is one of those couples. They were not good together, and we are so glad the writers of the show saw that.

Maxie and Damien

They were strange, and they didn’t work for us. Don’t get us wrong, though. We liked both of them, but we did not like them together. They were a long-ago couple who tried to work it out, but they did not, thankfully. He was such a nerd to her dramatic situation, and it was not good. She did not make the most of things with him. In fact, she seemed to bring him down more than anything else, and we get that. They were in a situation that made them seem like they were so in demand because they were so different and people thought it was fascinating, but the truth of the matter is that they didn’t have the kind of chemistry you need to have when you are in love with someone. They were just not good together. They both went on to find better relationships in the future, and she married the absolute love of her life with whom she was so happy when they were in a good place. He’s gone now, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have the best of the best when he was living and well, and we certainly do miss Nathan.

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