General Hospital Spoilers: Nelle Gets A Break

General Hospital Spoilers: Nelle Gets A Break

General Hospital fans are going to be very surprised to see Nelle get a break today. Her life has been nothing more than a giant mess for such a long time, and she can’t catch a break. There is always someone out to get her, to prove she is not who she says she is, and to make sure is completely miserable. She’s not happy with the way her life is going, but there’s very little she can do about it around this time in her life. She’s got so much to focus on and so many changes to make in her life, and she’s not having a good bit of luck getting to it.

We don’t know if she can do it. We don’t know that she can change her life at this point. We simply aren’t sure she’s got it in her to make the changes she needs to make to get her life where it needs to be. She’s an unhappy girl with a lot of unhappy memories, and she’s not really someone who seems strong.

She is feisty, but we aren’t sure she’s strong enough to face what is bothering her. She’s not the kind of girl who seems overly confident in herself and her issues. She’s going to end up with some problems. She’s going to see a change today, but it won’t last all that long. Her life is about to change for the worse, and we all know what might be coming.

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