The Wealthiest Bold and the Beautiful Stars of 2019

The Bold and the Beautiful fans love to see their favorite stars succeed in life, and one of the most beautiful things we get to see is how much they have earned over the years. They’ve done so well in their time on television, whether they are only acting on thisshow or they are doing all they can elsewhere to make usr ethey get to win things as best they can. They might star in primetime movies. Thye might star in other things. They might do things that make more sense to those around them, but they might also come from some money. Either way, there are some stars on the show who are worth a little more than the others, and we thought we might do our part to bring to you the wealthiest stars on the show in 2019.

Rena Sofer – $3 million

She’s been around the block for so long that she’s made a lot of money, and she’s made a lot of impact. She’s done so many things that make her a great star, and she’s showing that in her bank account. She has to focus on her life as it is, and she cannot do that if she’s not giving her all in an acting job. She has been Quinn for a long time, but this is not her first show. She’s not been here her entire career, but she’s done enough television and had enough on her plate that she can do things on her own. She can make up for things she’s done. She can get another job doing this, or another job doing that, but she chooses to stay here and bring us the entertainment we know she’s good for. This is the role of a lifetime for her with her sheer talent and her skill. She’s made for this role, and it totally shows.

Heather Tom – $4 million

She’s someone who didn’t get her start here, and this is not even the role that made her famous. She might be Katie and she might be Katie very well, but she’s been other women first. She began as Victoria Newman on Young and the Restless, and she just soared from there. She did all she could to make the world a better place. She did all she could to get her character to grow and evolve, and she did it. And then she knew it was time for her to leave. She knew it was over for her on that show, but she knew that it was over because she had an opportunity to do something new and fresh. She already made history over there, and she figured there was a good chance she could do the same elsewhere. That’s where her role as Katie came into play. She did it, she rocked it, and she made it her own. We love her in this role, and there is not another person in the world who could do the same role with the same vigor as this woman. She’s a Rockstar, and we love her.

John McCook – $6 million

He’s an icon. He’s been around so long, and he’s done so much. He’s been the man on the show since day one. Only he and Katherine Kelly Lang, who plays Brooke, have been around since the start. There is not another soap in which an actor or actress has been around since day one, and that’s something to be said. We don’t know how long he will last here, if he will ever choose to leave, or even if he wants to leave at any point, but we can say with certainty that he is someone who has made this show what it is. We might not see him nearly as much now as we did back then, but we cannot get over how much he’s brought to us our lives in his role over the years. He is nothing short of a total Rockstar, and we cannot help but love him for that. He’s everything to us, and more, and his net worth proves to us that he can do anything and everything. He is that man, and we love that about him.

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