10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Wall Game Show

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Wall Game Show

Since the first TV game show was broadcast some eight decades ago, on May 31, 1938, several variations have been adapted to entertain generations of TV audiences. So far, these shows have reused and invented ideas to excite contestants to help them win money or at least get on TV and make a spectacle of themselves.

Some game shows have withstood the test of time, while others simply had their ratings and viewership diminish over time. The Wall game show has survived for over 7 years since it premiered on December 19, 2016, on NBC. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about The Wall game show.

10. The Wall Has A Similar Gameplay To A Popular Game

The Wall TV Game Show

The Wall has a 40-foot high wall, structured like the board of a Plinko game. The board has 15 slots at the bottom, representing different amounts of money. Eight slots contain unchanging values ranging from $1 to $100. It also has seven slots with changing values, beginning with a minimum of $5,000. A ball (or balls) are sent down the wall-board, and whichever slot it falls into, the value is added or subtracted from the contestants’ bank.

9. Chris Hardwick Is The Host Of The Wall

Chris Hardwick as host of The Wall

Chris Hardwick is the host of the NBC game show, The Wall. Hardwick is an American TV and podcast host, comedian, actor, writer, and producer. Hardwick is most notably remembered for hosting AMC’s live television aftershow, Talking Dead, that discusses weekly episodes of The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Hardwick has guests like cast and crew members, as well as fans, to answer lingering questions. Hardwick also hosted @midnight with Chris Hardwick and Talking Saul, a show discussing Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul.

8. The Values At The Bottom Of The Wall Game Show Change From Round To Round

Price values in The Wall Game Show

As the rounds on The Wall progress, seven of the values in the bottom slots change. This ensures each round has a set limit that can be won, with the limit increasing as the game progresses. So far, nine contestants have won $1 million and more.

7. The Wall Game Show Has 3 Rounds

500k win in The Wall Game Show

The Wall has three rounds, with a final decision round to determine the contestants’ actual win. Each round consists of questions with multiple answer options. After the first round, the contestants split up, with one of them placed in an isolated chamber behind the wall. The isolated contestants answer the questions without knowing if their answers are right or wrong. The total amount of money that can be won in each round increases as the game progresses. The total amount has been subject to change from different seasons of the show.

6. Contestants Have Guaranteed Wins When They Answer Questions Correctly

Questions on The Wall Game Show

On The Wall, when contestants answer questions correctly, they turn to green-colored balls. Whichever slot a green ball lands in, the value in the slot is added to the contestants’ bank balance. When questions are answered wrongly, the reverse happens – values will be subtracted from the contestants’ bank balance. If contestants manage to answer all questions in all three rounds, they’re eligible to win the maximum total in each round if each ball always falls on the highest value on the wall.

5. The Wall Has Received Mixed Reviews

Hopeful contestants on The Wall Game Show

The Wall‘s reviews have been mixed. On the one hand, critics criticize the lack of originality and consider the show similar to the Plinko game. On the other hand, critics have also praised its structure and format. Whichever is the case, The Wall has had its fair share of winners and losers.

4. A The Wall Video Game Was Released In 2017

The Wall Game Show video game

Almost every game show that’s ever been out has had a board game or a video game version. With the popularity of video games, it’s no surprise The Wall had one created in 2017. The video game has received over a million downloads since it was created.

3. There Are Different Versions Of The Wall Worldwide

The Wall UK Game Show

The Wall is hosted in about 30 nations in the world. These different versions have the same name but are often translated into the country’s official language. Although the general rules remain the same, slight variations to the rules may exist, depending on the country.

2. The Wall Has Had Five Seasons So Far

Winners of The Wall Game Show

The Wall has enjoyed high ratings on television since it premiered in 2016. It has had over 70 episodes across 5 seasons. The show has had over 40 winners, who have won over $1 million or walked away with the larger possible amount. So far, only about 14 contestants have walked away with $0.

1. The Wall Is A Game Of Luck


The Wall is designed to ensure fair play for all contestants. Contestants choose the exact numbered drop zone to place the balls. Although the game has had more winners than outright losers, there’s no guarantee that contestants will walk away with a win. At the end of the day, The Wall is entirely a game of luck.contestants’ bank balance

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