Things We’re Already Hearing About This is Us Season 3

Things We’re Already Hearing About This is Us Season 3

Now that This Is Us season 2 has finally dropped the bomb and shown just how Jack met his end, the Pearson family will need a way to move forward and the only way to do that sometimes is to place one foot in front of the other and continue to drive onward in an attempt to make the best of things. There’s no doubt that there were very few dry eyes in any house in which this show was playing since it was billed as a very emotionally charged episode in which Jack passed on. But now that we know just how it happened and can hopefully accept it, we need to be prepared for a life without Jack that can see the Pearson family still learning what it means to live with loss and finally accepting what is going to be happening moving forward.

Sometimes that’s the only direction you can go to insure that you continue to make something worthwhile out of anything.

The focus of the show is going to shift.

Since season 3 was approved at the same time as season 2 it will need to be more about the family moving forward and learning to live without Jack while keeping his memory strong. Miguel, his best friend, will eventually be the focus that the creators are thinking will help people finally see a ray of light at the end of the dark tunnel that became Jack’s demise. It’s going to take some doing to really get people in line to accept Miguel as the next person to take over the kind of focus that Jack provided for so long, but the creators are confident in their ability to do this. It’s going to be a big switch it would seem, but if it’s handled right it could help to develop the show a little more moving forward.

Rebecca and Miguel’s relationship is going to get a little deeper.

It would be unfair to think that Rebecca would have to be alone all that time after Jack passed away, but focusing on her kids and their well-being would certainly be more important than pursuing a love life that had something to do with her deceased husband’s best friend. However, ten years after the fact seems adequate time to allow something to build between the two of them and it could introduce a whole new plot line that might allow the show to explore a dynamic that it might have only teased in the second season.

Miguel’s relationship with the kids is going to develop a little more as well. 

In real life a man coming into the life of a single mother often stands a fifty-fifty chance most times when it comes to his acceptance. This is particularly true of those that have likely been in the picture for a long time and yet were never really fully accepted. Miguel apparently isn’t the most liked guy in the series but he’s not the bad guy either. He’s Rebecca’s current husband and stepfather to the kids, though that role isn’t something that’s easy to stomach for everyone.

Let’s get through season 2 first, because season 3 seems like it’s going to switch gears the moment it comes out.

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