The Trailer for Renfield is Here…Wow

The Trailer for Renfield is Here…Wow

The Trailer for Renfield is Here…Wow

credit: Renfield

The Renfield trailer is here…wow. That’s said with as much humor as sarcasm since the movie already looks ridiculous. But it does look amusing, perhaps even enough to be considered as entertaining as other Nicolas Cage movies. 

It’s fair to say that Cage is at that point in his life where he can do just about anything and remain entertaining. But this movie stretches that boundary. The trailer alone is enough to make a person feel that the movie will end up causing moans and groans. 

Nicholas Hoult plays the titular character, that is seen stating that he needs to get out of a toxic relationship. That alone is a funny statement considering that there are still a lot of people who know the name Renfield from literature. Those who don’t know the literature will soon learn. 

However, Cage and Hoult’s representation of Dracula and Renfield comes off as comical. This is the goal, which makes it easier to understand. But the campy nature of the trailer makes one think that this movie is going to head off the rails at every possible turn. That could prove very interesting indeed. 

Cage’s Dracula looks like a cross between the classic representation and 30 Days of vampire

Cage’s version of Dracula looks like a sickly human being with shark teeth. It almost feels like it will help this move along instead of hindering it. But the look is still ridiculous since it goes over the top without fail. 

This feels as though it could attract a lot of people to this movie. Cage is usually a big draw, and Hoult has gained great popularity over the years. But looking at how crazy this idea appears, it’s fair that some folks will shake their heads. 

According to news reports, this is a project that Cage has wanted to enact for a while now. Seeing as how his movies have gone straight to streaming or DVD more often than not, this could stand out as another shot at rebuilding his reputation. 

Dracula is a role that a lot of actors have taken on over the years. But the downside of this role is that it often requires a skilled and/or charismatic individual to make it work. The fact that this is a comedy and a horror flick should even things out a bit. 

Placing Awkwafina into this movie is an interesting move

Some folks do like Awkwafina, and others find her awkward. But her humor brings a nice balance to a movie since she’s not the typical comedian. In this movie, it appears that she will attempt to understand Renfield. Not only that, but her position as a law enforcement officer could bring an interesting element to the story. 

Given that she’s played the part of a crook, a parking attendant, and other roles, it’s interesting to think of how this will play out. Awkwafina is an actress that many people identify with since she speaks to the younger generation in a lot of ways. How she’ll do against Dracula is an interesting point to ponder. 

The Trailer for Renfield is Here…Wow

credit: Renfield

Renfield’s power creates a strange element in the story

So, Renfield has powered this time around that are granted by Dracula. He eats bugs and gains super speed and strength. That’s what it looks like, at least, but it’s easy to think that the powers he displays could have more depth to them. 

The tale of Dracula has changed more than once over the years. Renfield has shown up in several versions. But there have been plenty of times when he wasn’t given a role. In modern representations, Renfield has not shown up as often or is often portrayed as someone that people don’t recognize. 

This time around, Nicholas Hoult appears ready to play this role out as far as it will go. Whether or not this will please the fans and critics is uncertain, as always. But it feels like plenty of people will put in their two cents. One certain thing is that plenty of critics will state how silly it is. 

Dracula likes cheerleaders, apparently

What a dirty old bloodsucker, right? Well, Dracula is the particular type of vampire that doesn’t feed on just anyone. In this movie, he enjoys feeding on innocents, and nuns, as it’s heard. But it would appear that Renfield has grown tired of doing his master’s bidding and is ready to find a way out of this strange relationship. 

The trailer appears to tell the audience what to expect, and so far, it’s silly. But in all honesty, it could end up as one of those movies that people can’t help but love despite being ridiculous. 

feeding on innocents

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