The Top Uses of The Smiths Songs in Movies or TV

The Top Uses of The Smiths Songs in Movies or TV

The Smiths were a relatively short-lived English rock band that came to prominence in the early 80’s and were split up by the latter part of the same decade. They recorded a fair amount of albums for that period, enough to make certain that they’d be remembered, and then split. Since that time the individual band members have gone on to do their own things but only a couple of them, Morrissey and Johnny Marr, have really done anything worthy of note. It’s kind of interesting how they managed to stay together for only a short amount of time before splitting up. Most band that have this kind of sound stick together for a while before getting tired of one another.

Here are a few good examples of their music.

5. Black Mirror-Girlfriend In A Coma

Black Mirror is a Netflix show that features many different stories that are seemingly not connected to each other save for the fact that they belong to the same show. It’s kind of an odd program really unless you sit and watch the entire thing through and watch each episode with the idea that they will be completely different and always unrelated.

4. The Smiths-What Difference Does It Make?

For being such a popular band they were highly lacking in flexibility with one another and this was probably one of the biggest things that broke them apart. Morrissey was without a doubt the one person from the band that most people followed when they split. I can still recall hearing his name more than once in the halls of my high school by those students that considered themselves to be on the cutting edge of music.

3. The Perks of Being A Wallflower-Asleep

Being a teenager is not easy, nor does it come with anything like an instruction manual. Even if it did most kids would thumb through it and go forward without a clue in the world of what will happen. Charlie is the kind of teen that needs this kind of life, though he’s continually falling backwards into depression the moment he feels unaccepted. Thankfully for him Sam and Patrick are always there at the right moment.

2. 500 Days of Summer-There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

True love does exist, but we kind of have to pick and choose who we decided to share it with. Moving forward with the right person is something that each person has to figure out when to do on their own. It’s not a thing that you can force or even coerce into being. If you don’t fit together then it will be revealed eventually, and perhaps at the same time the person you’re meant to be with will show up.

1. The Smiths-How Soon Is Now?

It’s too bad the Smiths broke up so long ago, they had a good deal of talent and managed to create some very memorable songs. The issue of being less than flexible however is something that’s hard to get around and can irritate some people to no end.

At least we have the music and the memories.

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