Five Great Movie Scenes that Take Place Inside Movie Theaters

Five Great Movie Scenes that Take Place Inside Movie Theaters

You might think that scenes in a movie that take place in theaters is a bit lazy, but it can add a very interesting plot point. Ever been to the movies and had to listen to someone in the front or back row talking the entire way through the picture? Or maybe someone’s been having a conversation with another person while you’re trying to watch the movie. Maybe someone laughs too loudly and too often, or maybe it’s just the type of theater where you don’t want to be or don’t want to draw too much attention. In any case movie theaters are kind of an ironic spot to place any character in a movie to be honest, but it happens occasionally. Most films seem to get the feeling right at least, since a lot of us can probably agree that people talking during the movie or being obnoxious tend to be extremely irritating.

Here are a few movies where theater antics are less than appreciated.

5. Cape Fear

There’s not a lot worse than a loudmouth in a theater where sound tends to carry and smoke can cloud the view after just a few puffs. I don’t believe there’s a theater in the US any longer that would allow someone to just light up and start puffing away, and there hasn’t been for some time now. Of course if someone’s stalking you and trying to make your life miserable any and all regard for the well-being of others and their comfort probably doesn’t matter much.

4. Bachelor Party

It’s a turning point in a couple’s life when they get married, but the one last hurdle to get past is the bachelor party and the explanation of just what goes on during these little soirees. The theater scene during this movie doesn’t come in until the end but it’s one of the best of all time since it offers that real-feeling of 3D. No honestly, you’ll REALLY feel it.

3. Matinee

You might not believe that showing a new horror movie would have been the best idea during the Cuban Missile Crisis, but where some people saw uncertainty and the very real horror of possible war others saw an opportunity to at least take people’s minds off of it for a little while. It was an opportunistic moment to be sure but it was also a very underrated movie that showed the importance of cinema.

2. O Brother Where Art Thou

Considering that this exchange followed Everett’s discovery that his wife divorced him while he was in jail and is now about to marry a man named Waldrip and declare that he is the new father of their girls you might think it’s allowable for Everett to vent just a little. And poor Delmar, he’s got to listen to every word of it, and the confusion on his face when he’s asked about having a woman is priceless.

1. Scary Movie

Okay, hands up, who else thought that this one perfectly encompasses the irritation and anger that we all feel when someone is just being a straight up jerk in the movie theater? Obviously most of us wouldn’t think of stabbing her to death but the general idea is that we’d all be happier if such folks would just close their mouths for a couple of hours, if that’s possible.

Take this into account when you go to a movie. No one wants to hear your opinion for the next two and a half hours.

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