The Top Uses of Boy George Music in Movies or TV

The Top Uses of Boy George Music in Movies or TV

If you’re wanting Boy George music in movies or TV then you definitely want to talk about his time spent with Culture Club where he was responsible for the sound of some of the best songs the group and the singer ever came out with. In the 80s he was one of the biggest icons around, but in the 90s his popularity dipped quite a bit since his style had to change and he didn’t make the transition quite as well as some would have liked. But thankfully he did manage to stick around and today he’s still one of the best-known artists in the world since his personal style has managed to make a big comeback and become something that people can get into and fully embrace. The music that he’s responsible for is usually pretty soothing and quite melodic but it is something you need to be into to really enjoy at times.

Here are some of the best uses of his songs in movies and TV.

5. Scream Queens – Do You Really Want to Hurt Me

This show is about what it sounds and looks like, another chance for young women to share the spotlight by latching onto the horror genre and using their sexuality as well as their acting talent to create something fun and engaging for people to watch. It gets even better since Jamie Lee Curtis is involved, as she’s one of the original scream queens from films and is well-known for her acting and her ability to carry a show. While some might roll their eyes at the whole premise and think perhaps that it’s just another way to sexualize and objectify women there is a little more to the show than that.

4. Scary Movie 4 – Karma Chameleon

The Scary Movie franchise seemed like it was on its last legs with parts four and five since the premise was wearing a bit thin and there were really only two actors remaining that had been in all the films. But there were still plenty of movies to spoof and enough jokes to tell that managed to get people laughing. Once the first film got the ball rolling a lot of people found themselves willing to at least give these films a try and as a result made them memorable as they went out and watched them. The whole idea of hearing Karma Chameleon followed by the act of destroying humanity is pretty funny after all.

3. Billy Madison – I’ll Tumble 4 Ya

Billy Madison was a crazy movie largely for the fact that it was so unreal. But that being what it was gave the audience the chance to throw away any preconceived notions that it had to be real and allowed them to enjoy the nutty and insane nature of the film. As one of Sandler’s early movies it had him in his prime doing and saying pretty much whatever he wanted to make the movie work. But overall it was something that you would enjoy as a younger person or when you’re so drunk that pretty much anything seems funny. The jokes were interesting and the humor was crude but it worked.

2. Without a Paddle – Do You Really Want to Hurt Me

Without A Paddle was about three friends trying to finish something they’d never completed to preserve the memory of their friend and to spend some time together before it was too late and life passed them by. Of course getting lost down a river and almost killed by two shotgun-wielding hillbillies isn’t exactly their idea of a great time. Throughout the movie though you get the idea that they’ve grown up but not grown apart no matter what they say. The movie does have a lot of touching and funny moments, but one of the best is when Jerry and Tom have to sing to Dan as he crawls up a mine shaft to the surface.

1. The Wedding Singer – Do You Really Want to Hurt Me

Remembering the 80s seems to be a big thing right now and that’s all the Wedding Singer was about. It had a very romantic love story that it told as well but the return to the 80s was simply hilarious since it brought back so many of the things we were glad to be done with. The fashions, the music, the overall way of life in the 80s seems so foreign now in some ways that going back to it seems like a very bad idea in some cases. But the music is something that people can’t get away from since music is able to travel so easily across the decades. Of course back then Boy George was the only guy that could really pull of his look or his music all that well.

He’s one of a kind, that’s for certain.

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