The Best Uses of Joan Jett Songs in Movies or TV

From the 70s on Joan Jett has been all attitude and all awesome when she hits the stage. It’s obvious that she’s slowed down just a tad since she started, she is in her 60s at this point and no doubt feels her age every now and then, but her act has always been one of the most edgy of all time. When she first started out it was all edge, all the time, and she was adamant about creating a rock band of her own composed of only women. People have wondered in the past if that says anything about her sexuality but in truth she has been kind of vague about the subject since so many people have asked. It’s interesting that such a thing would come up since in truth it’s no one else’s business and the main thing that anyone really wants to know is when and where her next appearance is going to be.

Here are a few of her songs as they’ve been played in TV and movies.

5. Guardians of the Galaxy – Cherry Bomb

People are absolutely elated to see this movie come out in the MCU lineup since it was one more step towards whatever master stroke the MCU was planning with the post-credit scenes that kept popping up. The Guardians in this generation were quite different than the Guardians in the previous generation however since the only person that was ever a Guardian to begin with was Yondu. Gamorra and Drax were far different before Marvel redid so much, and Groot is possibly older than any of them when it comes to the comics. Despite all that however the movie was a big hit, as was the sequel.

4. The Duff – Bad Reputation

It’s a sad but true fact that some of the things detailed in movies are quite true when it comes to high school. The DUFF is unfortunately, in this film, the Designated Ugly Fat Friend that doesn’t necessarily have to be fat or ugly but is less popular than anyone else. The only thing about this is that being truly popular doesn’t come with prerequisite of being able to make other people miserable, but instead is the ability to feel good about yourself and to empower others to do the same. That being said, the ‘popular’ folks that live to make others feel absolutely horrid are typically the folks that have some very deep issues to deal with.

3. Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising – Time Has Come Today

There might seem to be an underlying attitude accompanying the selections made here, and that’s largely because out of the many available clips these are without a doubt some of the most edgy and attitude-laden movies and shows that could possibly match the intensity of Joan Jett. Neighbors 2 takes off where the previous film left off, but instead of having to deal with a rowdy fraternity the couple trying to sell their home now have to deal with an out of control sorority that is far worse than anything they had to deal with in the first movie, in many different and sometimes very interesting ways.

2. Ready Player One – I Hate Myself for Loving You

There is a feeling about the 80s that seems very pervasive since the decade seems to keep being revived again and again, dragging the 90s along with it and sometimes including the 70s for kicks as well. The pop culture of those decades has been brought to bear in this movie without pause as the futuristic world it takes place in kind of takes a back seat most times to the references and different facets of the 80s that are seen as so important take center stage. One might think that this would be kind of a lame attempt at comeback, but in colluding with the present era the movie actually creates a very convincing panoply of action and trivia that’s fun to follow.

1. Stranger Things – Dead End Justice

Who would have ever thought we’d see Eleven become anything but the innocent young woman she was given to be in the second season of Stranger Things? She takes on a very punk look that was popular back in the era that this show takes place in, and to be honest it kind of suits her since the innocent, good-girl look was wearing a bit thin. But moving forward it’s going to be interesting to see if she meets up with her ‘sister’ again in any capacity since one thing Eleven is not is a thief. She has too much heart to really turn to a life of crime it would seem, but then there’s no telling just how things are going to turn out now that the creatures from the Upside Down are aware of the world beyond their own.

Joan Jett is still one of the baddest women on the planet.

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