The Top Ten Most Satisfying Deaths in GoT (So Far)

Let’s be honest, when it comes to Game of Thrones you knew there was bound to be death. From the first episode to the current season death is a constant on this show, a silent specter that waits in the wings in every situation that begs for it to emerge at one point or another. But there are some that are far more satisfying than others, deaths that force the audience to pump a fist in victory or lean forward like hungry dragons or wrathful Dothraki looking to make the point known that they are watching and they are pleased. That’s how the show has been received since the first true enemies were announced and that’s how the audience has been taking to each well-deserved death throughout the years. This coming season is bound to be a sad one, but we can only hope that there will be some deaths that remain that will be well-justified and definitely appreciated.

Here are some of the most satisfying GoT deaths at this point.

10. Meryn Trant

He was such a tough man in his armor and when he had the advantage that Meryn Trant doesn’t warrant a lot of pity when he’s finally taken down by an opponent half his size and so used to pain that she can easily bide her time to strike. This is a guy that was actually so despicable that on the order of his king he was about to strip a poor, defenseless woman in the middle of a throne room with people watching. So yes, when Arya took his life, a lot of us were likely cheering. It’s okay, admit it.

9. Stannis Baratheon

Stannis is kind of a hard person to cheer for when he was alive, and yet still wasn’t much to cheer for when he was finally dead. He was just a miserable character to be honest and someone that was best taken off the board since he made some truly horrible decisions. If nothing else, it avenged the death of his daughter, who he allowed to burn at the stake. It also seems fitting that it was Brienne who did the deed.

8. Viserys Targaryen

This entry seems like it should be a lot higher on the list, right? Viserys was a miserable character that wanted nothing but to sell his sister for a crown. Plus, he had a very elevated opinion of himself that that didn’t pan out. The way he finally met his end was a horrific death but one that felt very deserved. What in the world would you do if someone decided to threaten your bride and your unborn child? That’s right, he wouldn’t make five steps to the door.

7. Tywin Lannister

I’m not too sure why the video isn’t loading, but if you’ve seen the episode then you know how it ends. It’s bad enough to be shot by your own son, bad enough that he deserved it, but to be shot on the privy is something beyond disturbing since it robs a person of the decency of a dignified death. But then Tywin never seemed to care about dignity when it came to anyone else, so this seems entirely justified.

6. Lysa Arryn

Lysa’s death was satisfying at the end since it was absolutely needed. Everything she confessed to, everything she did, and everything she stood for was so corrupted at that point that her arc had finally run out and she was just another imbalanced individual that needed to be dealt with. That it was Littlefinger was kind of ironic since he was the one that set her on such a path. Plus, her face as she was falling was just priceless.

5. Ramsay Bolton

The Battle of the Bastards was an epic episode, but there was no way to allow Ramsay to live, not after all he’d done and all the pain that had been caused on his account. But the manner in which he died was such poetic justice that one can’t help but laugh despite the gruesome nature of it. Never starve a hound, and never tempt a hungry pack of hounds, because hunger knows no master.

4. The Waif

There wasn’t a whole lot known about the Waif apart that she was one of the nastiest people that Arya had ever met and was hell-bent on making sure Arya suffered. This final fight was something that a lot of people could sense coming considering the animosity between these two and the fact that Arya doesn’t have a lot of quit in her and never has. There is a theory that Elena Nicolauo of Refinery29 has reported on, and that is that the Waif killed Arya instead and took her place, but it’s not exactly a popular one.

3. The Freys

You might think it would take an army to root the Freys out, but it took just one wolf that knew her way around the art of killing, and who took the old man and two of his sons first. The meat pie incident was brutal, as was the fact that Arya slit Walder’s throat while holding him still. But poisoning the Freys and then walking out as a victor was nothing short of impressive, and cold. Winter came for the Frey’s indeed.

2. Littlefinger

This had to be one of the most satisfying deaths in the entire series thus far since he’s been behind just about everything when it came to the difficulties between the Lannisters and the Starks. Sure, Jaime did his part and tossed Bran off the tower, but Littlefinger was behind just about everything else, including the death of Jon Arryn, Ned Stark, and a host of others that decided, wrongly, to trust him.

1. King Joffrey

In some ways it almost seems as though some folks were hoping that Joffrey would turn himself around and be decent, but that wasn’t in the cards. With Cersei for a mother he never stood much of a chance of being a good king. In fact this might go down in GoT history as one of the most absolutely satisfying deaths since it rid Westeros of one of the most vile people to ever walk its many lands.

There’s more to come, but the most satisfying deaths seem to have already happened.

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