Why Marvel’s Disney Plus Hawkeye Series is Doomed For Failure

Why Marvel’s Disney Plus Hawkeye Series is Doomed For Failure

Hawkeye is a fun character, there, I said it. In a world where a multi-billionaire in a super-suit, a super soldier, a god, a green, raging monster, and a fellow assassin take on enemies that should by all rights be able to squash about half of the team, Hawkeye is by far one of the most impressive characters since he somehow keeps pace with the team in a big way. But unfortunately, that’s one reason why the solo show might fail if the rest of the team isn’t going to be there to back him up. Black Widow will already be dead and gone, Iron Man is gone, Captain America is an old man, there’s no telling where Hulk might be, and Thor will be off in space with the Guardians of the Galaxy so his help isn’t assured. Clint Barton is going to have his special quiver of specialized arrows and whatever other help he can get when he goes off on his own unless we’re going to see something that happened before Black Widow was killed off. Otherwise, it’s hard to just what’s going to happen when his solo show kicks off, since Clint is one of the only two non-powered members of the Avengers apart from Ant-Man, and that’s only when Scott takes off the suit. So really, his show is going to have to knock some socks off since otherwise, it does feel as though it could be too underwhelming for a lot of viewers.

Personally, I like the guy since archery is one of the many things I’m interested in, and while his style is definitely unorthodox it’s still interesting enough since it’s something that you can’t help but think would be the way a cocky newbie would start out since they want to look cool when they’re shooting the bow. But for the show, one would hope that Hawkeye might actually stick to the basics when it comes to firing off each arrow since this shot with three arrows to his bowstring is enough to make some archers cringe until they realize that it’s fiction and hey, trick archery is kind of fun to watch in the movies and on TV. Plus, while there was probably plenty of criticism about Arrow when the show was still on, it’s likely that he didn’t get it anywhere near as bad since it was his show, whereas Hawkeye has had to contend with being a part of the Avengers, and not even a constant part since he wasn’t in Infinity War and he’s been at a severe disadvantage since the Avengers started up. The fact that he took on and took out a gang of thugs in Japan was impressive in his Ronin gear, but once it came down to Endgame he had to be on top of his game every second and to be fair, he did take out a few of the Outriders that were chasing him. It’s pretty clear that he might have gone down after a while, but he did pretty well.

The story that he’ll be thrust into almost sounds as though it’s going to be earlier in his career and will focus on some of the things that he and Natasha were discussing during the Avengers movie, so it could be that we’ll be seeing a Clint Barton that hasn’t been overwhelmed by what the MCU has to offer yet, and it could be that we’ll even get to see him before he was that good. That’s debatable though since Clint has been a skilled individual in the comics for quite a long time, and in fact, he did start out as a criminal. But until we get more details on his story it’s going to be hard to say anything definitively since right now the knowledge of a show coming is about all anyone has along with a few hints and rumors. But the idea that it might tank is a hard reality to face since Hawkeye hasn’t been given a whole lot of respect in the MCU at this point, which is funny since he’s been one of the most effective Avengers for a number of years and, despite the lack of powers, he’s been one of their greatest assets since he has an arrow for just about every occasion and he’s such a great shot that he just doesn’t miss. This is a hard pill to swallow for a lot of people since Hawkeye is, to some folks, utterly useless on a team of super-powered individuals, but when it’s factored in that does what he does and stands up against overwhelming odds he sounds a lot more heroic since by all rights he shouldn’t stand a chance against a lot of the enemies that the Avengers face up against. But still, he’s there, so hopefully, this show will manage to impress.

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