How Are Contestants Chosen on Married at First Sight?

How Are Contestants Chosen on Married at First Sight?

Married at First Sight is an interesting reality show that started up in Denmark before managing to make a successful transition to a number of other countries. In this, it has been helped to a considerable extent by its unique premise, which enables it to stand out from the sea of other reality shows. Simply put, Married at First Sight sees participants being paired up with one another by a team of relationship experts, which is followed by them going on a honeymoon and then spending some time living a “normal” life in their new relationship. Eventually, the participants will be asked whether they want to remain in their relationship or not, which is something that some of them have actually answered “Yes” to in the past. In some cases, these relationships have even managed to last, though they are outnumbered by those that have not.

How Are Contestants Chosen for Married at First Sight?

Naturally, some people might be curious about how participants for Married at First Sight chosen. If so, they should know that the process is pretty thorough, which makes sense because the people behind it want to make sure that they can choose the right people to make for a strong relationship as well as an interesting viewing experience on TV.

First, the process starts with the crew choosing the city where the next season will be filmed. This can take something along the lines of six months because they need to be sure that the chosen city will be suitable for the reality show as well as its particular needs. Once that has been confirmed, the crew will start asking people in the city about whether they are interested in participating on Married at First Sight or not. Sometimes, this will see them visiting popular places such as bars and churches to look for potential participants. Other times, this will see them making use of dating apps to look for local matches.

There was a time when the crew would have been concerned about finding people who are willing to do something as drastic as getting married to a complete stranger on the TV screen. However, the increased popularity of Married at First Sight means that has become less and less pressing as an issue because there are now more and more people who are willing to entertain the thought because they have become familiar with the basic premise. Due to this, it isn’t uncommon for each season of Married at First Sight to get tens of thousands of applicants, meaning that they have to narrow down their options until they can get around one hundred to two hundred candidates.

From that point forward, there is a further process to narrow down the list of candidates. Essentially, each of the candidates will go to gender-segregated workshops, which is necessary to prevent them from meeting the people that they might wind up getting married to. There, each of the candidates will undergo interviews with the relationship experts on the team as well as background checks, both of which serve to make sure that they are suitable for participation on the show. Should they prove successful, the process will culminate in a final visit to see them in their homes as well, which is meant to serve the same purpose.

As for the kind of people that Married at First Sight is looking for, well, the most important characteristic is the ability to take instructions because the plan is to create a long-lasting relationship that will also make for great TV rather than just focusing on making great TV and nothing but that. Naturally, this means that some other characteristics are very important as well. One would be a sense of empathy in the participant, which is necessary for them to empathize with whoever they wind up getting married to. Something that can be critical for the success of their relationship in the long run. Another is the genuine desire to get into a long-lasting relationship, which makes perfect sense in light of the show’s goals. As a result, if someone is more interested because they just want to make a name for themselves by getting on TV, they might want to look elsewhere because the people running Married at First Sight won’t be interested.

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