The Top Cast of ABC’s “Black-ish”

The Top Cast of ABC’s “Black-ish”

Kenya Barris’ Black-ish undoubtedly became one of the last decade’s most successful black American sitcom television series. Although the show gave us spin-offs like Grown-ish and the short-lived Mixed-ish, it’s difficult to forget in a hurry. Black family sitcoms have become increasingly more successful in recent years, with Black-ish now joining its Hall of Fame.

For 174 episodes spread across 8 seasons, viewers and fans followed the lives of an upper-middle-class black family. Intertwined with lots of humor, the series showcased the social, personal, and political life of an above-average black family trying to fit into American society.

At the forefront to thrill viewers, these are the top hilarious cast of Black-ish.

Andre “Dre” Johnson (Anthony Anderson)


Credit: Black-ish

Anthony Anderson is the show’s narrator and one of its executive producers. He also plays the lead role of Dre, the Johnson family’s patriarch. As a family man, he’s married to Bow and has four kids—Zoey, Andre Jr., Jack, and Diane.

Although he’s a successful advertising executive at Stevens & Lido, he frequently deals with racism at his workplace. In addition, he’s a proud husband and father and is focused on preserving his reputation of providing the best life for his family.

Dre’s not ashamed to admit he’s got a favorite child, Zoey, while struggling to bond with his first son, Junior. He can rightly be called a momma’s boy as he has a good relationship with his mother. However, Dre has an addiction—a shopping problem, especially with shoes.

Dr. Rainbow “Bow” Johnson (Tracee Ellis Ross)


Credit: Black-ish

Bow is the wife of Dre and the matriarch of Johnson’s family. She’s a trained anesthesiologist who’s consciously looking to be a part of her children’s lives. Bow is bi-racial and often has to deal with jokes about it from her husband, Dre.

She doesn’t openly have a favorite child but has the strongest bond with her second child, Junior. Along with her father-in-law, mother-in-law, and Dre’s work colleague and friend, she’s not afraid to call out Dre when he makes absurd statements and conclusions.

Zoey Johnson (Yara Shahidi)


Credit: Black-ish

Yara Shahidi plays Zoey Johnson in the show. She’s the oldest of Johnson’s kids and her dad’s favorite child. As a teenage girl, she’s mostly concerned about how she looks – and with boys. However, she has proven to her father severally that she can be responsible and should be trusted.

She loves and cares for her siblings, but as a teenager, she often shies away from openly expressing it. Zoey starts as the main character in the series spin-off, Grown-ish, after she goes to college. As such, she becomes a recurring character in Black-ish from its fourth season.

Andre “Junior” Johnson Jr. (Marcus Scribner)


Credit: Black-ish

Junior considers himself a nerd, especially because he’s smart. He’s really not much into the whole teenage lifestyle and is often forced to adapt by his dad and siblings. It’s one reason he doesn’t bond well with his dad, who sees him as weird.

He’s the unofficial favorite child of his mom since they’ve got the strongest bond. He stays as a main character in the series but goes off to college at the end of the series to continue in its spin-off, Grown-ish.

Jackson “Jack” Johnson (Miles Brown)


Credit: Black-ish

Jack is one of the fraternal twins in Johnson’s family. He’s not the smartest kid out there, and would often rely on his cuteness to get around. He’s the direct opposite of his twin sister and is often intimidated. He considers his dad his idol and role model.

Diane Johnson (Marsai Martin)


Credit: Black-ish

You wouldn’t be wrong if you called her the evil twin. She prides herself on being smart, or at least smarter than her twin brother, Jack. She loves to play the bully to everyone she can intimidate, especially Charlie. Her family and friends are well aware of her evil ways and pranks, and they do well not to fall into her trap.

Ruby Johnson (Jenifer Lewis)


Credit: Black-ish

She joins the show as one of the main characters from its second season to the last. Dre’s mother was cast as a typical African American pro-black mother and is heavily religious. She has a close-knit bond with her son but doesn’t seem to get along easily with his wife, Bow.

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