The Tonight Show: Jimmy Fallon Fights Tears as World Grieves for Orlando

The Tonight Show

Nightclubs. A place where people can go and let loose to forget their worries of the day. They didn’t expect that a night of fun and good times would turn into a night of tragedy.

50 innocent lives were taken Sunday evening at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. The world, along with late night television personalities like Jimmy Fallon, host of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, voiced their anger, grief, and concerns.

“I know everyone is angry right now and not knowing how to react,” Fallon said during his monologue on yesterday’s episode. The late-night host went on to say that as a new father, he doesn’t quite know how to speak to his kids about tragic events and what to say to them if they are gay like the people attending the nightclub were. “Maybe there’s a lesson from all of this. A lesson in tolerance.” Fallon said.

I agreed with Fallon when he stated that we need to forget the idea where if someone doesn’t live their lives the way that we want them to, we buy a gun and kill them. Guns are used to protect people from harm, not cause it. It saddens me greatly that the gunman who took all those lives think that being different in terms of sexual orientation is a bad thing and death is the only solution to cleanse their souls. Why can’t we live in a world where we can still speak our mind and live our everyday lives without being judged or mocked on the Internet by others who are prejudiced? I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but it doesn’t sit well with me when said opinion is used in a negative way and hurt the feelings of others.

“There will always be more good than evil,” Fallon said as he began to finish his monologue. I can only hope with all of my heart that he is right. I also hope that something can be done to prevent this from happening again. Enough is truly enough. In the wise words of Ellen DeGeneres, “Be kind to one another.”

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