The ‘Strongest Avenger’ is an Empty Title

It feels like something that a toxic MCU fan that doesn’t like seeing their favorite heroes replaced might say, doesn’t it? But despite the perceived notion of this statement, the truth is that the ‘strongest Avenger’ is an empty title that won’t ever be filled, save for in the minds of the fans. When the MCU started, it was fairly easy to think the Hulk, then Thor could have taken the title of strongest Avenger, but as things went along, it was kind of obvious that the power levels of each hero had been altered a bit. When Vision, then Black Panther, and then Captain Marvel came along, it was clear that the power struggle was going to continue with every new individual that was brought onto the team. Some would fall by the wayside without too much fanfare, while others have been made into walking statements when it comes to who is the more powerful character. But the honest-to-goodness truth at this moment is that the title is becoming more meaningless with every character that’s introduced, especially since arguments can be made as to who can claim the title in a lot of different ways. 

Captain Marvel would still be the name on the lips of a lot of fans since her feats are hard to beat, but the fact is that she’s not perfect and she has been tossed about. Plus, with everything that’s still coming along, it’s easy to think that there will be someone who can trump Marvel eventually, even though she’s been punched into space by the Hulk in the comics. The interesting and sometimes frustrating truth about the MCU is that while they are attempting to follow the comics as a guideline and not a rule, they do tend to confuse a lot of fans by altering the characters just enough to give some of them a chance to be far stronger than they were in the first place. 

There’s nothing wrong with a few changes, but the fact is that trying to label one Avenger or even one MCU character as the strongest at this point is kind of a lame attempt to say that one character is better than another. Just imagine if Squirrel Girl and her off-panel secret for gaining a victory is ever brought to the MCU, that might cause a bit of a stir. But as of now, it would be kind of nice to see this line be retired, or at least set aside for now since the next Avengers team is being assembled, or finalized, or discussed at least, and it’s fair to think that there are going to be other members that will be coming in who are seriously powerful as well. The debate between those that were vital for the Infinity Saga was kind of ridiculous since there’s no doubt that Captain Marvel was a powerhouse, but there was some debate as to who would come out on top if she and a couple of other heroes managed to go head to head. Seeing her go against Thor in his prime would have been a fun battle, especially after he obtained Stormbreaker and had come to realize his potential. 

But it almost feels as though the MCU is leaning away from such things for one reason or another, as Civil War was a big turning point when it came to how the heroes interacted with each other. One can imagine that had the real powerhouses of the Avengers roster been there, things would have gone far differently, and the airport would have been nearly leveled instead of just heavily damaged. But if there’s any doubt, the strongest Avengers, plural, are those that don’t have to rely on tech or some super-soldier serum to enhance their skill sets and overall physiology. If there’s a top tier of the Avengers at the moment, then the Hulk, Thor, and Captain Marvel are at the top, since their power levels are far above the rest of the group. But as far as the strongest Avenger, a better question would be: who cares? That’s a little too dismissive for some folks, I get it, but in the long run, it doesn’t matter since the Avengers are usually strongest when working together, and individually all of them are vulnerable at one point or another. 

Placing claims like this on any character at this point is something a superfan might do, or perhaps those who don’t know the MCU characters that well. In any case, it’s rather pointless since trying to determine who’s the strongest is a practice that needs to die out eventually. The fact is that the MCU will determine who the strongest characters are, and will then trump them somehow since there’s usually someone stronger out there who can make the claim and keep such a title for a while to come. At least until the next Avenger is introduced. 

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