The Simpsons is Getting a Movie Sequel Plus Spinoff Talks Underway

ScreenRant and Mike Jones seem willing to pass along the idea that a sequel to the Simpsons movie is on the way and that a spinoff might be in the works now that Disney has taken over the long-running series, but apart from simply telling us that these things are coming there’s not a lot of development just yet, meaning that we don’t really know what the movie will be about. We also don’t know yet who the spinoff will focus on since it’s a veritable ‘take your pick’ kind of idea considering how many characters currently exist on the show. Seriously, take inventory of the Simpsons characters sometime and you’ll be able to note that the number of characters has only continued to grow throughout the years, making it kind of difficult to really nail down just who the spinoff could be about and who might further the story or the overall idea with the kind of efficiency that Disney might appreciate. Ever since the Mouse House took over Fox it’s been on a tear to ditch the content that it doesn’t feel will work or continue to develop the ideas that are to be embraced. In a big way this has upset some people and impressed others since Disney has its own ideas about how things are going to go.

The sequel has been a long time coming for some fans that have wanted to see another movie on screen for quite some time, though the spinoff is going to be interesting since there’s really no idea who is going to headline it and there’s no idea as to whether it will be a sustained show or a limited series. The characters in the Simpsons are usually quite detailed and have their own back stories that can run for a while, but apart from the titular family a lot of the characters tend to wear out after a few episodes and need to be bolstered by another story or meld back into the main theme. There’s not a lot of doubt that Disney will find a way to make this work and find a way to push the movie as quickly as it can since it needs to make money on this venture considering that its acquisition of Fox was a pricey endeavor that is still uncertain in some ways but has made it the reigning giant at this time. Will Thorn of Variety is optimistic, kind of, about this merger, since despite the Simpsons poking fun at Disney over the years the merger has made it clear that Disney can take a joke, kind of, but things might start changing in small, subtle ways.

After three decades on the air one might think that the Simpsons would have grown a bit stale by now, but so far fans both old and young are still eating it up as the jokes continue to roll out and the family continues to develop despite never aging. That’s one of the most amazing things about the Simpsons really is that after thirty years one would think that, even stacking all the days as tightly as possible, that we would have finally seen one of TV’s favorite families finally start to get older. That’s the benefit of cartoons apparently though, one doesn’t have to worry about aging them save for those episodes when flash forwards tend to show a future where the kids actually become adults and the adults become wizened old caricatures of themselves. It is kind of amusing though that the same people who would argue for continuity in other shows and movies wouldn’t do so with the Simpsons mainly because it’s animated and the rules don’t seem to apply in the same manner.

When the movie is going to come out is anyone’s guess since talks are still underway and as we all know at this point what that means is that pre-production is still a long ways off and actual production could happen within another year or two. The idea won’t likely go away unless it hits a snag that can’t be worked past in an easy manner, but when it comes to the Simpsons it would seem that, as Zack Sharf from IndieWire might agree, enough people are invested in seeing this movie come out that a compromise here or there wouldn’t be too hard to fathom. As far as the spinoff goes it’s kind of hard to really predict who they’re going to choose since the best method would be to make a list of characters’ names and tack it to the wall while throwing darts to see whose name ends up getting picked. It’s not a perfect metaphor but it does seem the most likely way that a spinoff character would be selected since there are just so many that trying to rationally and calmly select ONE or a small group would be more than a little difficult for some.

However it happens the Simpsons are here to stay for a while yet and are going to be back on the big screen eventually. When that happens is still up in the air.

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