The Short-Lived Romance Between Rebecca Donaldson and Scott Disick

The Short-Lived Romance Between Rebecca Donaldson and Scott Disick
The Short-Lived Romance Between Rebecca Donaldson and Scott Disick

Credit: @iamrebeccadonaldson

Rebecca Donaldson is doing big things in her own life, but few things will ever be as big as being Kardashian-adjacent. She was the rumored girlfriend of Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, Scott Disick, in the spring of 2022. The rumors surrounding their romance were over-the-top and out there, and neither had anything to say to the press about it. They began sparking romance rumors when they were seen out and about together in Los Angeles on April 15, 2022. They grabbed lunch, went to a party later that night, and attended a second party after. All throughout, the two held hands. So, what’s the deal with Rebecca Donaldson – the young model who shares a name with fan-favorite Aunt Becky from the famous show Full House?

Scott Disick Wasn’t Ready for a Relationship

Despite the fact that Rebecca Donaldson and Scott Disick were seen out and about together, rumors had it the Talentless founder and long-time Kardashian almost-family-member was not ready for a relationship. His former relationship with Amelia Gray Hamlin ended in the fall of 2021, and he wasn’t in the mood to date. His friends said that Disick was all about being on his own for a while. He did date, but his dates were not serious in any capacity. He would go out with a woman here and there, but only once. He rekindled a romance with Bella Banos at one time, but that didn’t go anywhere. Friends said he was ready to spend time on his own and with his kids. They even went so far as to call him a loner.

The Short-Lived Romance Between Rebecca Donaldson and Scott Disick

Credit: @iamrebeccad

It Did Seem Serious For a Moment

Though their relationship only lasted for a few weeks, there was some indication that friends of the couple thought that Rebecca Donaldson might be the one for Scott Disick. “He cut all ties with other women he was seeing and talking to, to focus on his relationship with Rebecca. He really likes her and wants a long-term girlfriend,” said a friend of Scott’s back in April when he began dating the model. The same source indicated that the newfound desire for something serious had to do with Disick’s ex, Kourtney Kardashian, marrying Travis Barker.

“Scott seeing Kourtney so happy in a relationship was a turning point for him. He wants the same and wants to settle down,” said the same friend who said he was serious about Donaldson. While most people are not surprised that the seriousness of this relationship wore off after only a few weeks, there are so many people rooting for Scott Disick to find someone who truly makes him happy. For many years, it seemed Scott and Kourtney Kardashian were meant to be. They were the ones meant for one another, but that seems to be off the table now that she’s married someone for the first time and seems genuinely happy.

Rebecca Donaldson and Scott Disick Did Not Work Out

At the end of the day, no one was surprised when this couple did not make it work. Rumors were already swirling that Disick was not looking for anything serious. Donaldson, while in her late 20s rather than her early 20s, is not as young as the women Disick likes to go out with. She is beautiful, no question, but they did not seem like they were a serious couple from the start. Sources close to the couple even commented about the fact that Donaldson knew this would not work for her.

The Short-Lived Romance Between Rebecca Donaldson and Scott Disick

Credit: @iamrebeccad

“Although they had a short-lived romance, it was definitely serious. He enjoyed his time with her but realized he is not in a place to seriously date right now,” said a friend of Disick’s about the short romantic fling. While they say, it was serious, knowing you’re not in a place for something serious means it’s not. This relationship was not at the right time or the right place.

Did They End on Negative Terms?

One of the very first questions people ask when a romance goes bad is whether the couple ended on bad terms. This seems to be a situation in which it did not. Sources close to both came out to say that even though they ended things, they did so on good terms. “They’ve parted ways amicably and she’s encouraged him to spend some time focusing on himself and finding what makes him happy,” said the source who discussed the end of their relationship. All in all, it sounds like both knew that it would be fun while it lasted, but that it would not last.

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