The Short Film “Special Operations vs. Sci-Fi” Is Worth a Look

Just to showcase a little more of what the guys at Black Rifle Coffee Company get up to from time to time, Special Operations Forces vs. Sci-Fi is one of the many videos they’ve made, and yes, that is the predator. But it’s easy to think that if any permission was needed for the likeness rights that the guys went ahead and got it. But starting out with none other than Mat Best as he’s dropped off in the middle of nowhere apparently is great since not too long into the clip he gets attacked by zombies, only to realize after running a bit that they’re the ‘slow zombies‘…go figure. That allows him to catch up with his buddies who are waiting in the nearby woods, and who are fully ready to light up the group of zombies using superior firepower and even a remote-controlled car with a handy explosive attached to it. Once the zombies are taken care of it would appear that all is well and it’s time to call it in and get an exfil, but unbeknownst to the guys, the commander back at the base tells his lovely aide to ‘send it in’. 

It’s easy to see how much fun these guys have with these videos as the moment that one of them leans over retching, almost prompting one of his buddies to shoot him upon thinking that he’s turning into a zombie, only to realize that the guy ate six veggie omelet MRE’s, which just sounds nasty, no offense to vegetarians. But the line “Air Force guys” is hilarious since it shows how much of a rivalry there is between those that serve in different branches of the military. It’s usually a friendly rivalry to be certain, but it’s still there since the Marines and the Army tend to think that they’re toughest individuals in the world, while the other branches are given their due, but are generally ribbed quite a bit for not being ‘boots on the ground’ nearly as much. However it works, the guys of BRCC make it amusing as they constantly mock one another in a fun and brotherly kind of manner. 

Moving on, however, the asset that was being set in strikes as a familiar blast of energy starts taking out the group, even striking Mat in the back as he’s laid out on the ground, shouting for his companions to run. Of course, one of them has to at least try and get him to say “Get to the choppa!” via Arnold Schwarzenegger, but it would appear that the guys aren’t willing to cross EVERY line to get a laugh. All the same, after the alien hauls Mat up by the throat, one might think that it’s all over. But once the visual is brought up, it’s shown that Mat and the predator are best friends now, smoking weed, playing ping pong, playing a duet on the piano. Yeah, that’s the kind of humor that these guys tend to bring with them since those that have been watching for the past five years or so could tell you that the crew at BRCC is definitely a bit cuckoo but in one of the best ways. 

It’s likely that a lot of people who don’t know enough about BRCC might have been looking forward to a knockdown, drag-out fight between the predator and a bunch of special forces operators, but the comedy that was certain to come didn’t take long since Mat’s outlook, as well as those at BRCC, is that veterans that still know what they’re doing would no doubt mop up on pretty much anything they came cross unless the ‘something’ had superior firepower. It’s fair to say that even then, Mat would be the trash-talking type that might find a way to gain the upper hand. Watching these videos has become a true joy and it’s recommended even for those that aren’t veterans since the sense of humor that Mat and the others bring to bear is great since it affirms the idea that not every veteran that comes back from service, whether they’ve seen combat or not, is broken and ruined by their experience. Some might want to argue about that, but it’s fair to think that Mat might have something to say about that. 

What’s fun to think about is if an alien invader did actually come to earth, what a special forces group would really do if they were armed with the ideas that have been put forth by so many different science fiction and horror movies. If there were enough people like those in this clip it’s fair to say that the aliens might find themselves a little hard-pressed to simply roll in and start taking over. But then again, it’s easy to laugh at the prospect, which is kind of the point. 

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