The Reason Why Supergirl is Ending After Season 6

The good news is that there’s no huge, controversial reason why Supergirl will be ending after 6 seasons, but it is still a lamented decision since the show has been inspiring young women and girls all around the world apparently. But there are some things that just can’t be worked around so easily, such as Melissa Benoist’s pregnancy, which turned into an altered home life after the birth of her child. Hey, it happens, kids are a blessing but they’re a lot of work as well, and for an actress that has a show to push this can mean delays as she thankfully felt the pull towards being a good mother and someone that would see to the nurturing of her child. Oh come on, that doesn’t sound that cynical since in the history of Hollywood there have been women that have done everything they can to get back on set after having a child. It’s dedication and determination to be sure, but Melissa’s desire to raise her child is definitely more impressive. Plus, the idea that the coronavirus has slowed everything down in terms of production hasn’t helped, and on top of all that the ratings have been dropping for a bit. So when putting all this together it sounds like a better idea to simply drop the show at this point and perhaps hope for something to pick up later on.

Melissa has actually agreed that it’s time to part ways but it does sound as though there might be a chance that she’ll keep herself open and available for cameos down the line since Tyler Hoechlin will be taking up his role as Superman in a new Superman and Lois TV show that will feature the man of steel and his wife, Lois Lane. It’s very possible that we’ll see Kara Danvers making her way into the picture from time to time, so it might be that the final season of the show will end in an amicable manner that allows people to realize that she’s still around, but isn’t bound to be as big of a presence at this time. One theory that comes to mind, despite the fact that it’s not entirely popular with some folks, is that the superhero movies and shows have hit a certain point at which fatigue is threatening to take over, even as more and more movies and shows are starting to reach the point of release or are being written up at this time. It’s not a theory that a lot of people want to talk about since it would mean that ans are actually getting tired of the continual presence of so many heroes and are feeling that they’re having more of a negative impact simply because there are too many of them and their stories have begun to blur together in too many ways. To be fair, many superhero stories are unique to the character, but they’ve become inescapably predictable since the stories have been told in the same, exact, way at times, and it’s becoming tiresome. That could be one reason why ratings on TV have dropped and why people are divided about certain superhero movies. But again, it’s kind of a fringe idea and not one that a lot of people want to discuss.

One reason, among the many, for this, is that as fans, we know that the heroes are going to win, we know that they’re going to triumph over evil, and we know that things will turn out okay. But with the coming of different universes and realities, this idea of everything turning out okay has become a bit boring since it implies that good always wins out over evil, and in the real world we know that isn’t always the case. Am I suggesting that the bad guys start winning? Am I thinking that we need to rationalize evil and understand the villains a bit more? No, not really, but it would be interesting to see what might happen if the heroes suddenly found themselves overwhelmed in a way that sheer guts and determination couldn’t handle. There have been plenty of moments in the comics when the heroes suddenly realize that they really CAN’T handle the situation and find themselves powerless to stop it, but in the movies and on TV this is hardly ever the case since something is usually created or concocted that gives the heroes that final edge that allows them to trump the bad guy. Sometimes it’s even provided by the villain, which is even worse. The point is that the stakes are never raised so high that the heroes absolutely can’t come back, as in DC and in Marvel there’s always something the heroes can do to save the day. What if they couldn’t though?

Well, after that rant, the best thing to do is say that Supergirl will be missed when it comes to her own show, but maybe somewhere down the line, she’ll be able to come back for more than a cameo.

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