The Pink Ranger Might Become a Serious Threat

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The Pink Ranger hasn’t always represented the biggest danger within the ranks of the original Power Rangers. She also hasn’t come off as the most threatening individual either. But the comics have made it possible for her to show a level of aggression and power that has some people thinking that she’ll eventually break bad and reveal what she’s really made of. 

That might not sound like much of a threat. But there is the fact that Kimberly was, at one time, the Ranger Slayer. This means that she was at one time equipped to kill her fellow Rangers. That alone is enough to maintain that Kimberly is dangerous enough. And if she gains her full potential, it’s easy to guess that she’ll give any Ranger a run. 

Strangely enough, it sounds as though Kimberly’s fall from grace will come from turmoil within her own team. As the Ranger Slayer, she was controlled by a stronger force. As a Ranger, though, and still in control of her own mind, her turn to the dark side is an even greater danger. 

The fact that it’s a limitation brought on by Zordon is kind of amusing. Limitations on heroes and their conduct during battle are a common theme in many franchises. But in some cases, this causes more harm than anything. 

credit: Power Rangers

Creating limitations during battle is a dangerous proposition

The Power Rangers have taken on several extremely powerful individuals over their long history, and holding back is never a great idea. Thanks to Zordon, however, the Rangers are not allowed to escalate a situation. There are plenty of arguments for and against this idea. The current development makes it clear that Kimberly isn’t willing to follow that rule. 

The major problem with this is that her fellow Rangers are still bound to follow this rule. Had she not reached her potential at this point it feels likely that she would present less of a threat to her fellow Rangers. But it’s mentioned that Kimberly has evolved since she first donned the Rangers outfit. That alone means she is far tougher than before. 

It’s interesting to think of what will happen if Kimberly goes to war against her fellow Rangers. 

The Pink Ranger is far more dangerous than she’s given credit for

From a practical standpoint, the Pink Ranger is dangerous from every distance. She’s trained to fight hand to hand, she’s able to fight from a distance, and she can very likely fight at mid-range as well. Anyone who is trained to fight at various distances is far more dangerous than someone who is trained to fight up close. Kimberly’s ability to attack from afar and up close makes her one of the most dangerous Rangers ever created. 

The issue that brought this about was the need to expedite a fight between the Rangers and a monster and Kimberly’s supposed impertinence. Getting a fight over quickly is often best since it spares lives and collateral damage. But escalating matters is often a dangerous proposition, especially when both sides are so insanely powerful.  

credit: Power Rangers

Rangers fighting Rangers makes for a great story

It does create a great story, that much is true. Heroes fighting heroes is not the norm most times, and it creates a story that keeps fans interested. How this fight would play out is hard to say. Several of the other Rangers could likely take Kimberly on and knock her down. Considering that she knows them as well as they know her, though, she would find a way to circumvent the powers of her companions. 

If Kimberly were to stand against her fellow Rangers on her own and without any aid, it’s very possible that they would defeat her handily. But the fight to come does sound like the type that would cause a great deal of chaos, not to mention damage. The power that lies between the Rangers is intense and would cause tremendous damage to any environment. 

At this time, it feels as though another hefty push and application of Zordon’s rules could push her over the edge. If it comes at her boyfriend’s expense, it definitely stands to reason that she would strike first. 

So far, this sounds like a hypothetical situation

It stands to reason that something will happen to negate the chance of Kimberly going against her fellow Rangers. Whether it’s the realization of how this would play out, or something else, this battle might not happen. Kimberly is angry about her boyfriend’s predicament, but she’s still Ranger. 

That tends to mean that she’s not going to act without a solid reason, much like many of the other Rangers. But there is the chance that she’ll do what she needs to do if pushed to that point.

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