Netflix Announces Its First Comic Book Series with Mark Millar

In August, Netflix announced that it had acquired Mark Millar’s comic book company and many people assumed the company would adapt most of his work for screens. But that is not the case as Netflix has come out to state that it will publish his comic book, The Magic Order as a comic book and its art will be worked on by Olivier Coipel. This, therefore, becomes the first comic book to ever be released by Netflix and hopefully it will mark a beautiful beginning. The company has been on a mission to ensure it not only increases its original programming, but also features different types of content that it has never created before.

According to an article published on The Hollywood Reporter, it was revealed that Netflix would be branching out to venture a bit into comic books and their first fantasy series would be called The Magic Order, which was originally done by Mark Millar. The series will include five magical families shown to hide in plain sights in an attempt to defend the world from threats of supernatural extermination.

First project by Millarworld

Millarworld, which was acquired by Netflix in August, would be the one to embark on the project and this also marks their first project since the company was acquired by Netflix. Millar issued a confirmation on Twitter that offered a sneak peek that highlights the cover of the series. Millar, as the writer of the series, will be responsible for supporting the running of various comic books previously acquired to air on screen.

These include Kick-Ass, Kingsman, and Wanted. This means it makes sense to include him in the in-house team that would work on potential adaptations. His input cannot be wished away, so after the acquisition of Millarworld he would also join in to ensure the comic book runs successfully.

Print and digital issues

Netflix will serve the market with both print and digital issues. This would be to ensure its availability is not limited to one section of consumers but to everyone who would like to enjoy it whether digitally or on print format. Millar issued a statement saying the reason he arrived at this idea was because they wanted to create a splash with the first book for Netflix, and the The Magic Order would be a perfect way to start the journey.

He added that the inspiration behind writing the book is because he adores dark fantasy and while researching, he spotted a wide gap in the market that could be exploited with a series like this. Additionally, when Netflix hired Olivier, this made him happy as he had been after working with him for many years. Now that they are united on the same work, this should form an interesting duo to bring to life the first Netflix comic book.

The book is set to run six issues and the first will come out in spring 2018. However, this is not the only project Millar will be working on for Netflix in 2018 as he clarified that he intends to do 20 issues including various comics for the company.

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