Should Sony Focus On Sinister Six?

Should Sony Focus On Sinister Six?

Should Sony Focus On Sinister Six?

It seems as if Sony has been trying to get a Sinister Six film off the ground for eternity. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was just the beginning stages as Rhino and Electro were part of the studio’s plans to get a solo feature underway. However, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 just didn’t perform the way executives had hoped, and though it made over $700 million worldwide, it was evident that the Andrew Garfield version of the series was losing steam quickly. The plans were eventually scrapped. However, recently, there’s been rumors of a Sinister Six movie once again. Sony hasn’t jumped the gun again by announcing a solo feature, but with the success of Venom and Spider-Man: No Way Home, we could be closer to the announcement of Sinister Six; however, is it the right time to focus on that?

Spider-Man is arguably the hottest superhero property going right now. Every film in the franchise has made over $1 billion at the box office, so it’s understandable that executives want to expand on the brand itself. Even though the Venom movies haven’t been top-quality content, those films are still doing well at the box office financially. However, it would be a mistake to announce a Sinister Six movie so soon, and it would show that Sony learned nothing from the last time they tried to haphazardly rush one into theaters. Sony became so focused on the future that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 felt more like a teaser for something bigger. Considering the fact that Gwen Stacy dies in this film, it’s crazy that event is vastly overshadowed because of how messy the movie is. If Sony was really eager to set up a Sinister Six film, then they should’ve planted more seeds in the Tom Holland trilogy. Why not base the villains you plan to incorporate into Sinister Six on the Tom Holland films? Then, several of these villains could’ve come together in Spider-Man: No Way Home, though it wouldn’t be an official Sinister Six.

This would mean that Garfield and McGuire’s Peter Parker wouldn’t exist, but this would’ve been a good thing. Spider-Man: No Way Home is great, but the introduction of all the Peter Parker’s feels a bit clunky and awkward. Perhaps the villains in No Way Home open a portal that allows them to get the founding fathers of Sinister Six and Spider-Man just can’t beat them. Then, an official Sinister Six solo feature could be announced where the villains rule the world and the three Peter Parker’s join together after being teased in No Way Home. Point is that they’re should’ve been some long-term planning if Sony really wanted to dive into the all-villains feature. The studio needs to be patient on the way they approach making Sinister Six. All the members need to be established first, so audiences are familiar with them. Part of the problem with Suicide Squad is that the DC film has to give some history on the characters because a good majority of them is full of unknowns. The Avengers works because the film already has an established dynamic that doesn’t need to time to be set-up or explained.

Sony has only one shot at this and since it’ll be a huge blockbuster, a ton of money will likely be put into this. Now, the studio does seem to be taking that route as Venom and Morbius have been exposed to the mainstream audiences. The eventual Kraven solo feature will do the same. Though to be clear, there’s no confirmation that any of those villains will be part of the Sinister Six. The word on the Spider-Man franchise is up in the air, but a Sinister Six film should not happen before another feature drops. At the end of the day, Spider-Man is an important connection to this universe and these villains should have some interaction with him before a Sinister Six is made. And in turn, Spider-Man should be in the Sinister Six movie as well. With Marvel and Sony working together, this gives them the opportunity to incorporate other heroes in the fight against the dastardly villains. Hell, maybe Peter Parker dies, and Miles Morales emerges as the new Spider-Man in Sinister Six? Either way, Spidey should play an important factor if a solo feature is made, and vice versa. A Sinister Six movie is a great idea that can work if done correctly. As it stands, there should be no announcement of a Sinister Six because of the lack of long-term planning for the possible feature thus far.

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