The Most Imporant Characters In Every Day (2018)

credit: Every Day (2018)

When you think of romantic movies, what plot lines would you expect? Maybe the two lovers came from the extremes of society, like one is poor and the other is rich, so the world tried to separate them. A romantic movie could also end in tragedy like perhaps the girl took a sleeping potion, and the man thought she was dead, so he took his own life, but when the girl woke up, she found her lover dead and did the same.

The 2018 movie Every Day is a different type of love story. It featured the idea of loving something without certainty, and in the end, this incertitude led the character to find her real love.

The story followed the story of a traveling spirit named A meeting up with a girl she fell in love with. The spirit switched body every day (hence the title), making Rhiannon meet several people under the control of one spirit. Below, we list the five bodies (the characters) most pivotal in the story’s development.

Also, for mechanics’ sake, the spirit’s name will always be in italics after this point.

5. Justin

Of course, this list would not be complete if we would not have the first couple in the movie and the novel it was based in. Before A “inhabited” Justin’s body, he often neglected his girlfriend, Rhiannon.

On the day A was in Justin, Rhiannon apologized for texting him too much, to which “Justin” replied that he was in the wrong. They also hang out together, a completely different attitude to what Rhiannon was used to from Justin. Unfortunately for Rhiannon, however, she was not talking to her boyfriend, and Justin would not recall anything they did together tomorrow.

credit: Every Day (2018)

4. Rhiannon

I was surprised to wake up as Rhiannon one day. He promised to respect Rhiannon’s privacy so much that while taking a bath, he avoided looking down. But, after witnessing how toxic Justin is to her, he stirred problems between the two, setting the foundation for their breakup.

He also reconciled Rhiannon with her parents, whom she seldomly gave attention to. Instead, she made Rhiannon go to her father’s studio and appreciate his paintings. The father and daughter bond in the painter’s studio, something they had never done before.

After A left her body, he broke up with Justin. He thanked A for the initiative.

3. Kelsea

The character of Kelsea might not be too felt both in the movie and the novel because of her gloomy atmosphere. However, as a refresher, she was the girl that had a detailed plan on committing [self-unliving].

Kelsea, however, was influential in the story. Through her self-harm ideations, Rhiannon and A grew worried that if he left Kelsea’s body before her father arrived, she would do [the unthinkable]. Because of this, they tried to make A stay in the body for longer until they could reach for help. It worked. Also, thanks to this, they discovered that A could stay in a body for longer than a day.

credit: Every Day (2018)

2. Alexander

You may be surprised why Alexander is not number one; it is because he was more of the “finale” outcome. He was the “effect,” and the movie was the “cause.” He was the fruit when the movie was the tree. He did not have a much-felt presence before A took over him.

After realizing from Kelsea that A could stay for more than 24 hours, A inhabited Alexander for around three days, during this, the spirit realized how great Alexander could be and that he was the perfect match for Rhiannon.

Refusing to take over Alexander’s life, A left Rhiannon to be with Alexander.

1. Nathan

This character sets the movie in its direction. Through his character, more of Justin’s toxic personality is revealed. It was shown that he was too possessive of someone he didn’t value as much.

He accidentally left Nathan’s body in the middle of a highway because he ran out of “stay time.” The next day, Nathan became an internet sensation after he claimed that he was possessed by the devil, citing A’s private Instagram (containing the images of the people A inhabited before him) as proof.

He had been the antagonist in the novel and the book when he started to hunt A down. In the novel, he even calls a priest to exorcise A out of somebody.

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