The MCU Should Bring in The Brood

The MCU Should Bring in The Brood
The MCU Should Bring in The Brood

Credit: Marvel Comics

Imagine a race that is something like a xenomorph, only they don’t burst from one’s chest, but instead force the body they’re in to change and assume the form of the Brood they were implanted with, an insect-like creature that is highly aggressive and entirely sentient. The Brood are a race of creatures that excel in the despair and hopelessness of other races and are able to drop their embryos in just about anyone that looks like a viable host. Once the embryo hatches, it goes about creating the host in the image of its kind, meaning that the individual will end up looking almost entirely like a member of the Brood. The downside of the Brood, apart from the fact that they enjoy subjugating and eliminating other races, is that there aren’t a lot of races in the Marvel Universe that can resist them, and in fact, there are only individuals that can do so. One reason that the MCU might be wise to add this race into the mix is that they do represent a huge threat, and despite bearing a few similarities to xenomorphs, they’re still unique enough that they could be used to take on various heroes in another big buildup to an ensemble movie. 

The MCU Should Bring in The Brood

Credit: Marvel Comics

The reason why they would be great to pit against the X-Men is that Wolverine is one of the only individuals that has resisted the transformation into a member of the race. 

Imagine seeing the X-Men, or any other hero for that instance, being turned into a member of this monstrous race. The Brood represent a threat that’s on a different level than most villains in the Marvel Universe and might actually be a huge challenge when it comes to telling their story. It might be due to this, unfortunately, that they might not be seen in the MCU right away, if at all, but it would be a great story since the Brood have gone up against more than a few heroes. In fact, World War Hulk showcased a Brood member that was a part of the Hulk’s Warbound in the comics and was immensely strong but wasn’t quite as bloodthirsty as the rest of its race. In other words, the Brood could be an interesting species to showcase since their species is diverse enough to be seen as fairly complicated. 

A few Marel characters have fought against the Brood in the past. 

The Brood’s battles against the X-Men are extremely memorable, but they’ve gone up against other heroes as well and have a history with the Kree Empire since they were captured and used as weapons at one point. But they could represent another way to create a huge event in the MCU that would span over several movies, much as the Infinity Saga did. This time around, though, the galaxy at large would be in danger from a far more insidious threat since the Brood aren’t a singular threat, as Thanos was, as their habit of implanting eggs in sentient beings and existing in hives that answer to a supreme leader would be a very ambitious story that would possibly involve the entire MCU this time around. There are those who are resistant to the Brood’s method of spawning, but they’re rare, which means that the challenge to beat this threat could be even more intense than the Infinity War. 

The MCU Should Bring in The Brood

Credit: Marvel Comics

In terms of a galactic threat, they would be super difficult to eradicate or even beat back. 

If one takes a look at how insects spawn and how many are created in a single brood, then it will be understood how the Brood works when it comes to their vast numbers, and how they’re a threat that could expand in an exponential manner and become far more dangerous than most threats that the MCU has seen to date. Add to that the fact that they’re incredibly strong, quick, and know how to conceal their numbers when necessary, and it becomes difficult to think of how anyone could eradicate such an infestation without a monumental effort. That alone could make this particular story appear even more enticing. 

This would be a good challenge to put in an X-Men movie. 

As mentioned above, Wolverine was one of the only people who were able to resist the Brood hatchling that had been placed inside of him, but even he had to exert a tremendous amount of effort to make certain that he didn’t turn. His healing factor was key in allowing him to retain his sense of self and his form since, as it tends to happen, whatever has a chance of burning out his immune system taxes the mutant more than a little, and it was a fight to keep himself from changing. That kind of begs the question as to whether other heroes and villains with healing factors could do the same. 

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