Babish Shows Us How To Make The “Death Sandwich” from Regular Show

So looking at this ‘death sandwich’ with Babish it definitely appears a little underwhelming as the host says, but it also doesn’t look too bad, apart from the need to dislocate your jaw just to eat it. The most impressive part of this clip obviously was the fact that Babish went to stand side by side with Iron Chef Morimoto, who is one of the most well-renowned chefs in the world and definitely has a quirky sense of humor, especially with something that could possibly kill a person if it was prepared the wrong way. While the meatball and ham sandwich that Babish created wasn’t horrible, it was definitely bound to be added to by the pufferfish that Morimoto cooked up, and again, a person would need to be able to unhinge their jaw like an anaconda to get everything in there, but it does sound as though it would add a bit more taste to the sandwich. As far as Babish traveling from his kitchen to stand with another chef and change things up, it was a nice touch really since not only did it give the show a bit more pizazz, but bringing Morimoto on was something of a treat for anyone that’s ever watched Iron Chef. Back in the day, Morimoto was one of the top chefs to beat since he managed to gain quite a reputation on the show and was a tough competitor.

The price of the pufferfish is kind of insane since one can only imagine that something as risky and as deadly as this fish wouldn’t be cheap since there’s not a lot of market for it considering that for every daredevil that wants to try something new, there are several other people that will say ‘no thanks’ and go with something that won’t be a threat to their health. On the plus side with a chef such as Morimoto, it’s fair to say that the fish was prepared just the way it needed to be and would be fine. But thinking of the price, oy. That’s an expensive dish that wouldn’t be served to just anyone in any restaurant. Of course, such delicacies are important for chefs to experience since not only does it broaden their knowledge of what different items are out there and how to prepare them, but it does allow them the chance to tell others a little bit about them. It’s easy to think that Morimoto has the kind of experience that would allow him to school just about anyone on anything kitchen-related, and possibly on a few other things in life as well. But the chance to stand in the kitchen with the man and watch him work, let alone crack jokes with him, would be an honor that a lot of chefs would likely do almost anything to attain.

It’s also enough to congratulate Babish for the fact that his site has reached so many viewers since a few years ago it feels fair to say that not a whole lot of people might have known that much about him. But with the videos he’s been doing and the meals he’s been preparing it’s very easy to claim that he’s made his way and that he’s really built his own following and managed to pay them the kind of attention that’s wise for any YouTuber to consider when it comes to taking care of the people that are taking care of them. In fact, it does feel accurate to state that a lot of people have probably learned a few things from Babish since the way he conducts himself during his videos is actually pretty humorous sometimes and the fact that he recreates some of the most iconic meals from pop culture is even better. Of course so long as one doesn’t try recipes that aren’t actually that great, such as the Simpsons crayon sandwich, then they’re bound to do okay. But some of his recipes have looked absolutely great and not too hard to make, but it does stand to reason that they would require a good deal of practice to get them right since even Babish hasn’t been one hundred percent perfect on everything, and he’s admitted as much. But still, his channel is extremely popular and he’s done well to earn every view that he gets.

Considering how many cooking shows there are on YouTube it’s very easy to think that Babish could have been overlooked had he not had some angle or some hook to make himself stand out. Taking on the iconic meals from movies and TV shows has been one of the best things he could possibly do since while some of them aren’t entirely realistic or bound to be spot-on perfect, he’s still been impressive and a lot of fun to watch.

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