10 Things You Didn’t Know about Peter Marco

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Peter Marco

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Peter Marco

In the world of jewelry, there are jewelers and then there’s Peter Marco. Well-known among the rich and famous, Marco has become one of the most popular jewelers in Beverly Hills. Over the years, he’s sold pieces to people like Kim Kardashian, French Montana, Floyd Mayweather, and Kris Jenner. Basically, Peter is the go-to guy for anyone with enough money to ice themselves out with the highest quality jewels. While lots of people may be familiar with Peter’s face thanks to his celebrity connections, there’s a lot more to him than a stunning smile and nice watches. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Peter Marco.

1. He Got His Start In The Jewelry Business At 14

While most other 14-year-old boys were falling in love with their first crush, Peter was falling in love with diamonds. He was first introduced to the jewelry business as a teenager when he got a summer job at cleaning jewelry labs and offices for a well-known New York jeweler.

2. He Loves To Mentor Young Entrepreneurs

Peter has achieved a lot of success over the course of his career, and he wants to help others do the same. He loves to mentor up and coming entrepreneurs and share the same advice that was given to him when he was just getting started.

3. He Comes From Humble Beginnings

Peter was born and raised in New York where grew up in the projects and things weren’t always easy for him and his family. He told Dolce, “We struggled in New York, with no food on the table. I remember wanting a glass of milk and could only have water out of the tap, and having to put cardboard in my shoes because my feet were so wet because my shoes were falling apart.”

4. He Thinks It’s important To Learn All Aspects Of The Business

One of the reasons Peter has been so successful is because he knows every aspect of the business. He encourages other people to do the same when starting a business. He says, “It was very important to experience all different areas in this business. I don’t just know this business, I’ve learned this business. I have many years of experience to be proud of. I’m a firm believer to master any trade you must put in your time. I started from very humble beginnings and now i’m pretty well known throughout the world.”

5. He Loves Making People Happy

Having a positive mindset could make the difference between a successful opportunity and a failed one. For that reason, Peter likes to stay positive and he also likes to be around optimistic people. Peter says that one of his favorite things about his job is that he gets to make people happy by adding an extra special touch to their special occasions.

6. He Is Inspired By His Clients

One of the things that sets Peter apart from his competitors is the custom jewelry that he makes for his clients. When working on a custom piece, Peter draws his inspiration from the client he’s working with. He believes this is the best source to inspire him since the client has the best idea of what it is they want.

7. He Has Some Powerful Advice

Peter knows exactly what it takes to get to the top, and he has advice for anyone looking to someday be in his position. He says, “You must absolutely love what you do, it should feel like a hobby not a job. Always give it everything you’ve got, learn from your mistakes and don’t look back.”

8. He’s A Family Man

Even with all of the things Peter has accomplished, his family will always be the thing he’s most proud of. He is happy married and has two sons with his wife. No matter how hectic his schedule gets, he always makes it a point to be there for his family.

9. His Boutique Is Named After His Children

Many people are under the impression that Peter’s last name is Marco. However, that isn’t the case. Peter’s last name is actually Voutsas. He chose the name Peter Marco for his business because he wanted to name it after his sons.

10. He Has Big Dreams For The Future

Peter has done a lot of things and he isn’t done yet. He still has his eyes set on the future and he has a long list of things he wants to try. He told My Lifestyle that in the future he would like to work on a “jewelry collaboration line with a major hip-hop artist. Maybe a YouTube channel, a possible second location, amazing new merchandise. I take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way, “

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