Who Wants to See a Wookie Jedi?

Who Wants to See a Wookie Jedi?

As of now, Star Wars has shown numerous species take up a lightsaber and the mantle of Jedi, but when it comes to Wookies, the possibility of seeing the intelligent, hair-covered species in the order has been mostly confined to the comics and novels. There have been several Wookies that have taken on the role of Jedi, but when compared to many other species they’ve been few and far between. That’s why it would be great to see a couple, or more, Wookie make their way into the ranks, or to see them gain a little more representation in any movies or shows that will be depicting the High Republic. Trying to saturate the Jedi Order with Wookies might not be the best idea, but having a few of them roaming around would be interesting since even without training and a lightsaber, Wookies are enough of a threat to many species throughout the galaxy. The upside is that the hairy individuals are often seen as being capable peace-keepers as they have their own society and don’t usually go looking for trouble in large groups. 

It might even be kind of fun to see a story based around a Wookie that is accepted as a padawan and then grows as a Jedi until they reach the rank of Master or perhaps finds a different purpose that defines them. It would be an interesting idea to be certain, especially since apart from needing subtitles all the time, Wookie’s are an interesting species to put a spotlight on as a series or maybe even a movie or two. Expanding Star Wars in one way or another is a good goal to follow, and this would definitely be another direction. It might even be a good way to look at the Wookie homeworld of Kashyyyk, which could be insanely impressive since from the descriptions given and the fact that it’s been depicted in games and movies. 

Going on and on about the subject might take a while since plenty of people would be likely to chime in with their opinion and give their two cents, or more. Quite often, Wookies have been seen as mechanics, warriors, and mercenaries. Their size, bulk, and fierce demeanor stereotype them in a big way that has kind of limited their ability to be seen as anything else. The truth is that Wookies are incredibly diverse and it would be great to see this reflected in the way that they’re treated in the franchise, since in the books, the Wookies who have become Jedi are quite impressive, which isn’t to mention that the weapons they wield are more like bastard swords than the usual, slim blades that many others use. But one has to remember that when using a weapon it kind of needs to be crafted to the needs of the person using it since otherwise it becomes ridiculous and doesn’t exactly help the story. Many Wookie might see a lightsaber the size of Yoda’s like a toothpick, in theory, while the weapons they might wield would appear as a battering ram to others since the size of the grip alone would be a huge difference. 

This is one time when a person could argue with Master Yoda about size, since trying to work with a weapon that’s too small for one’s grip doesn’t afford a person that great of a chance to do anything with it. But seeing a Wookie-sized lightsaber would be fun and definitely take things to a new level since there are other Jedi and even Sith that have customized their weapons to a degree that no one else can wield them. If memory serves, the queen mother of the Hapes Consortium, Tenel Ka, in the Legends canon, crafted her lightsaber from a rancor’s tooth, while other lightsabers have been crafted into staves and even a parasol-like weapon that was seen in Visions. To see a lightsaber crafted from the wood of a wroshyr tree, native to Kashyyyk, would be something special indeed since one has to imagine that the handle would be the size of an average human’s forearm, or close to it. But along with this, seeing a species that is known for being savage and hardened fighters take on the ways of the Jedi is definitely something that would be beneficial to the franchise. 

One thing that many should note is that no one is asking Chewbacca to pick up a lightsaber and start learning, since Chewie has been a mechanic, a smuggler, and a fierce warrior for many years now. He might have a great deal of respect for the Jedi, but everyone’s favorite Wookie pilot isn’t bound to start training in the ways of the Force anytime soon, or at least one would hope he wouldn’t since that might be a retcon that no one would want. But otherwise, let’s bring on the Wookie’s

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