The Masked Singer, Singing Competition Series Detailed

Credit: The Masked Singer

While there have certainly been too many singing and talent competitions since the rise of similar series after the massive success of American Idol, such as America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and others. Still, the companies behind such productions have been stepping up their game in recent years. The Masked Singer, on the other hand, has brought something entirely new and unique, although the entire concept of the series was taken from a Korean series called The King of Mask Singer. Below, we’ve detailed The Masked Singer series, the American version of the South Korean singing competition, what exactly the series is similar to it, and more such as the various mystery celebrities that graced it.

Credit: The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer launched on Fox in 2019 and inspired by the other international adaptations of the series from North Korea in which they were inspired by. Each season of The Masked Singer detailed a group of celebrities from different professions, such as sports, singing, dancing, comedy, or practically anything else that’s typically used as clues to confuse the panelists and audience members so that their identities remain hidden for as long in the season as possible. The Masked Singer series has been most noted for celebrities appearing on the show to showcase their surprise or unknown signing skills or a return to the spotlight after an event that affected their work before an appearance on The Masked Singer. The panelists that have remained on The Masked Singer since its premiere include Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke, with other celebrities taking over for the other panelists or a guest panelist to join the typical lineup. Most recently, The Masked Singer has premiered its final episodes leading up to the late 2022 season finale, in which the Ghostbusters songwriter was unveiled.

Credit: The Masked Singer

Previous Winners and Costumes from The Masked Singer

With the obscurity that comes with celebrities of all varieties wearing giant mascot-like costumes, sometimes in twos, threes, or more, on a stage and performing songs, along with highly dedicated background dancers and security, The Masked Singer has strange as far as the eyes can see, and each season only gets more and more strange. The first season of The Masked Singer is hard to compare to future seasons as not only has each season varied greatly from the season before it, but the format of each season has been detailed in different ways, so no two seasons of The Masked Singer have ever been the same, between costumes, format, and beyond, outside of the panelists. The first season of The Masked Singer was one of the best, as the winner was T-Pain. This artist has long been heavily associated with the autotune on his vocals throughout his songs, but on The Masked Singer, the artist proved he was much more than most expected. While T-Pain, Monster, was one of the most impressive wins throughout all of The Masked Singer’s history, although it was the first season, the singer has remained one of the most surprising reveals. Still, some others have been nearly as hair-raising as T-Pain as Monster, such as Wayne Brady’s Masked Singer win in season 2 when his costume Fox was enough to confuse the judges for an entire season. Wayne Brady has showcased his singing throughout his career, but The Masked Singer detailed the comedian’s abilities more than he had let known previously. So far, a total of seven seasons of The Masked Singer have premiered, with the eighth currently on air and a ninth likely to begin by March 2023 at the latest, following the trend of the previous seasons. Unfortunately, contestant Bob Saget and common guest panelist Leslie Jordan have passed away since their appearances on The Masked Singer.

Credit: The Masked Singer

Similar Series and More

While The Masked Singer was something new and different compared to almost every other singing reality competition and had winners outside of Wayne Brady and T-Pain, such as Nick Lachey, Kandi Burruss, LeAnn Rimes, Jewel, and others, the series has also had surprising celebrities reach runner-up and third place as well. Celebrities such as JoJo, Wiz Khalifa, Donny Osmond, Gladys Knight, Chris Daughtry, Jesse McCartney, Bow Wow, Nick Carter, Aloe Blacc, Hayley Orrantia, and others but The Masked Singer went even beyond these well-known and unknown celebrities singers. With The Masked Singer dominating the reality genre, and her natural zaniness, Ellen DeGeneres had a segment on her show that seemingly mocked the series, The Masked Dancer, which Fox quickly adapted into their series that takes on various similarities from The Masked Singer. Like The Masked Singer, The Masked Dancer detailed celebrity dancers in elaborate mascot-like costumes as they danced and gave the panelists clue packages to try to solve their identity.

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