The Many Emotions of Britta Perry

The Many Emotions of Britta Perry

britta perry

We all know that Britta is the worst, but in my opinion, sometimes, she’s actually the best. I really do like her character, even if the rest of the study group does not. I was searching for some of her best lines when I came across some GIFs instead. Rather than showing her better quips, they show more subtle moments of what I’ll call “emotional comedy.” While Jeff is permanently annoyed and Annie is permanently worried, Britta has much more range. Below you’ll find a collection of the many emotions of Britta Perry. Hopefully there will be even more to come in future episodes.

 Mild Paranoia

Britta GIF 1

Genuine Sadness

Britta GIF 2

Overenthusiastic Confusion

Britta GIF 3

Unbridled Awe

Britta GIF 4

Sputtering Surprise

Britta GIF 5

Gazelle Intensity

Britta GIF 6

Masked Joy

Britta GIF 7

Faux Anger

Britta GIF 8

Possibly High

Britta GIF 9

Definitely High

Britta GIF 10

Pierce-d Out

Britta GIF 11

Gentle Skepticism

Britta GIF 12

Cautious Suspicion

Britta GIF 13

Unrestrained Idiocy

Britta GIF 14

Hesitant to Deal With It

Britta GIF 15

Unfortunately Unaroused

Britta GIF 16

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