Lucifer: Charlotte Becomes Ticking Time Bomb. The Devil Gets His Wings.


I have seen my share of season finales over the years. They all had awesome, cliff-hanger worthy action. It keeps you on the edge of your seat, makes you hold your breath and leaves you wanting more. On tonight’s season two finale of Lucifer, it certainly does not disappoint.

We know that from the previous episode that Mama Morningstar is responsible for Chet turning into a human barbecue head. It turns out her human host is unable to contain her divinity. No wonder the goddess is in such a rush to return to Heaven.Will Amenadiel surrender the final piece of the Flaming Sword/Flaming Lightsaber? Hell no!

Lucifer, on the other hand, tried his hardest to get Detective Decker to stop investigating Chet’s murder. Though his efforts were for naught because the detective won’t rest until she gets justice. I have to give him credit for trying though, but the part about the deceased old lady? Yeah, you have to try harder than that, Luci-boy.

My heart went out to Dr. Martin as I watched the episode. She got injured (thanks to Charlotte) after revealing Lucifer’s plan to trap the Goddess in Heaven. When Maze found the doctor lying on the floor, I almost wanted to cry along with the demoness. Thank goodness the psychiatrist made it to the hospital on time thanks to Amenadiel’s powers (Someone’s got his powers back). It seems that both Amenadiel and Lucifer would do anything for the women that they love.

I also felt sorry for Ava, one of the Lyon sisters, that got killed by Mama Morningstar. She didn’t deserve to die like that. Then again, a desperate goddess will do anything to get what she wants. No matter who gets in her way. Lucifer was right when he told his Mother that if they were to go back to Heaven, there would be war and in war, there would be casualties. Going backwards is never good for anyone. Even celestial beings.

In the end, justice was served and the Devil, along with his brother and demoness, remains on Earth. I cannot wait until season three! Fall, get here now!

Side Notes:

Amenadiel doing improv. Never thought I’d see the day. Also, is there going to be a bromance between him and Detective Espinoza?

Amenadiel playing keep-away with the final piece of the Flaming Sword. #LOL

Lucifer has E.T. on his DVR? Guess even the Devil needs a good cry every now and then. Oh, and Luci-boy, dandelions do not look like jellyfish and Hell is not a fancy retirement home!

Trixie playing doctor. I had a good laugh with that one. Her “Woosies don’t get any.” line was the best. That, and her fist-bump with Maze. The duct tape scene between Dr. Martin and Mama Morningstar was highly amusing as well. It truly is amazing. Fixes everything. Including stab wounds on a celestial being. Speaking of Charlotte, I applaud her for using a stapler to close up her stab wound. Takes guts to do something like that.

Another amusing moment: Maze tracking down Amenadiel and tasing him. Hysterical!

I also applaud Detective Decker’s words to Lucifer towards the end of the episode. That one must move forward, not backward. I look forward to the day when the truth finally comes out, and my Deckerstar can get together already.

Major kudos to Lucifer for showing his Mother mercy and letting her go into the crack to create her own world without God. #LetThereBeLight! (Oh, sorry about your piano, Lucifer. Maybe you can buy another one?)

A point of confusion: When Mama Morningstar went into the crack, and Charlotte becomes Charlotte once more, how is it possible? A soul can’t immediately return to its own body after death. Can it? Also, when Lucifer threw the Flaming Sword into the crack, is it destroyed for good?

Moment of shock and awe: Lucifer gets knocked out after calling Detective Decker, telling her that he’s done hiding and will tell her everything. Wakes up lying in a desert in the middle of nowhere and his wings are magically returned to him. I’m thinking that it’s dear old Dad’s doing, but it could very well be another archangel coming to the earthly plane, and Daddy Dearest wants his son to have an even playing field. Hello, Michael?

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