The Main Trio In Ice Age: Explained

The Main Trio In Ice Age: Explained

credit: Ice Age: The Meltdown

Ice Age may be one of those shows that the kids two decades ago (who are adults by now) and the kids of today might have already watched. It does not even matter which show from the entire franchise they have watched because there were a lot of shows that contained the trademark Ice Age.

Making its first appearance in 2002, Ice Age had come a long way. It has produced six films, four of which are already more than one decade old. They are Ice Age (2002), The Meltdown, Dawn of the Dinosaurs, and Continental Drift. They have two newer films, Collision Course in 2016 and The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild in 2022.

For 14 years, from 2002, the franchise also released six short films, which can also be counted as seven, as one of them was split into two parts. They also had two television series based on it.

And we know that’s too much to digest, and understanding the Ice Age saga might be quite difficult for beginners. So below, we provide you a list of the three main characters from the franchise. These characters are the most frequently appearing, so if you happen to read these names, you now know who they are and what they did.

The Main Trio In Ice Age: Explained

credit: Ice Age: Collision Course

1. Manny

Manfred, or Manny for short, is the huge male brown wooly mammoth first seen in the first film, the 2002 film. During the movie, he was traveling to the north when most of the animals were migrating to the south. It was in his travels that he met the problematic sloth, Sid.

Manny played an important role in the first film by being the protector (alongside Sid) of the baby Roshan. It turned out that the baby’s father was a saber-tooth hunter, and the predators wanted revenge by killing the baby. A hunter tiger, Diego, was sent to them to take the baby, which he did by leading the mammoth and his sloth to their pack for an ambush.

In the turn of events, Manny saves Diego’s life by saving him from falling into the lava. This saving caused Diego to change his ways.

2. Sidney

Sid is a sloth who was abandoned by his parents during the migration event in Ice Age (2002). He was known to be the one who united characters that would have gone different paths in life. For example, in the first movie, he managed to tie the bond with Manny and Diego after the former saved the latter’s life. Since then, they have become close friends and formed a pack of their own (although with different species of animals). When they found a female mammoth, Ellie, he shipped the two, making them form a relationship.

He was also responsible for the creation of the Grand Canyon. While leading a group of young animals on a mountain hike, he uprooted a flower that had its roots too deep down, causing a tree nearby to fall and hit a rock. That rock then fell off a cliff, where it hit a larger rock. The two rocks fell together until they hit a glacier, which fell down a mountain and slid down across the forest below, essentially “slicing” the forest into two parts with a depression in the middle. The young animals were so disappointed in Sid that they tied him with vines. They continued the hike with Sid in that state while they chanted, “If you love the birds and trees, keep the sloth away from trees.”

Scientifically, though, this is not how the Grand Canyon was formed.

The Main Trio In Ice Age: Explained

credit: Ice Age: The Meltdown

3. Diego

In the saber tribe, Diego was the second-in-command to Soto. The latter instructed Diego to bring him a human baby, which turned out to be the baby that Mammoth and Sid were accompanying. Diego was loyal to his mission and even attempted to take the two to their herd so that they would be killed along with the baby.

Like Manny, he found Sid to be annoying too. And its annoying nature of Sid brought the three together to form their new herd after this tiger had a change of heart after being delivered from death from falling to lava.long way

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