Five Movies That Realistically Depict Alien Invasion on Earth

Five Movies That Realistically Depict Alien Invasion on Earth

Five Movies That Realistically Depict Alien Invasion on Earth

It’s kind of amusing to say that a movie can ‘realistically’ depict an alien invasion since to our knowledge it hasn’t happened yet unless there’s a mass incursion that no one knows about and that conspiracy theorists have been trying to tell us about for years. But should alien life ever make their way to earth and attempt to take over, or in some way try to exert any influence over humanity, it’s likely that as great as the planet’s combined military force is, the aliens might get a chuckle out of the efforts put forth by the humans since when one thinks about it, they managed to come up with a way to cross the vast distances of space in order to come to this world, where we have yet to send a human beyond our own moon. Our imagination reaches a lot further than we’ve been able to as of yet, but if an alien race did decide to descend in force it’s very likely that they would prove to be quite effective against earth’s forces since their technology is far, far beyond our own and unless they’re a peaceful race it’s very likely that they might have devised a way to eradicate carbon-based lifeforms with brutal efficiency.

Here are a few instances of an alien invasion that might be more realistic than others.

5. Arrival

To be certain, this wasn’t so much of an invasion as it was an attempt by the aliens to enlighten the human race so that later on the humans could help them when they needed it. This is one great example that notes that humans are the greater threat since our sometimes backward way of thinking makes it almost impossible to recognize when we’re being threatened and when someone is trying to help us. If there are aliens out there that can traverse the stars we might appear like very unintelligent bumpkins that have yet to escape the confines of our planet and find a way to meet our galactic neighbors.

4. Life

Calvin is just flat out scary since the creature is all brain and all muscle and has only a negative relationship with humans during its growth on board the space station where it was coaxed to life. Its growth rate is insane, and the fact that it can dissolve whatever it touches and continue to grow bigger as it continues to learn and adapt is horrifying. Imagine if it could eventually adapt to something that closely resembled a human, or simply decided to take over by using whatever means it could find in order to immerse itself within a population. That kind of takeover is hard to fathom, if only because it’s simply too terrifying to contemplate.

3. Signs

This movie is a little more confusing since the aliens didn’t really do anything apart from remaining hidden from the humans up until their big reveal. The poison that they can spray might be a huge problem, but the fact that they’re harmed by water makes it very hard to imagine why they would come to a planet that’s so abundant in it. One would think they might travel to Mars where there’s no standing water and therefore no chance of being harmed so readily. If all humanity had to do was rely on a readily available water source to drive these aliens off then it would be a short battle to be certain.

2. War of the Worlds

Seriously, this is why the current pandemic and the paranoia surrounding it is so annoying, no matter how real it is. While the lives lost are tragic, the stark reality of it is what drives this movie since the alien technology is hard to beat, that much is clear. But the fact is that humans have earned their right to exist on this planet through many upon many generations spent dealing with the many different bacteria and viruses that populate this world. As the aliens found out, being exposed to something they had no defense for is quite deadly, but when it comes to being human, many of us tend to shrug off one illness or another by virtue of being a part of this world for so long.

1. A Quiet Place

This is realistic and unrealistic at the same time since the idea of an alien that’s a predator that hunts according to sound is horrifying. But it’s also a sure death knell for the human race since aside from hunkering down in a bunker somewhere, no one would be safe. Humans make noises of some kind or another all the time, and thinking that we could eliminate them that easily is kind of hard to believe. But what’s easy to believe is that people would find ways to adapt and to mask as much noise as they could and that the aliens would have a weakness of some sort.

Let’s hope none of this ever has to be tested or proven right.

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