The Iconic Voice Cast of 2019’s “The Lion King”

The Iconic Voice Cast of 2019’s “The Lion King”

The original 1994’s The Lion King has gone on to become one of the best-animated movies in history. So, when a remake was announced in September 2016, new kids and adults alike were more than thrilled to watch it with new animation technology.

2019’s The Lion King would go on to be a box office hit, amassing $1.663 billion with a budget of about $250-260 million. Much of its success has to go to its impressive voice cast. The movie was also directed by and co-produced by iconic Hollywood director Jon Favreau.

To the continued success of The Lion King, these are the voice cast of its 2019 film.

Donald Glover (Simba)


Credit: The Lion King (2019)

Danny Glover has taken Hollywood by storm as a multi-talented entertainer. He’s popularly known by his stage name Childish Gambino. He delivers the voiceover for Simba’s character.

Simba is the movie’s main protagonist. The movie’s story follows his life as a cub, losing his father, running from home, and returning to claim his rightful place as King of the Pride Lands.

James Earl Jones (Mufasa)


Credit: The Lion King (2019)

James Earl Jones returns to give voice to Mufasa. It was an honor to have him reprise his role from the 1994 original movie. Mufasa is King of the Pride Lands and reigns unchallenged. However, his younger brother Scar silently covets the throne.

The movie begins with Mufasa and his Queen, Sarabi, with the help of Rafiki, presenting Simba to the animals of the Pride Lands. However, Mufasa’s role ends with his death at the hand of Scar, his younger brother.

Seth Rogen (Pumbaa)


Credit: The Lion King (2019)

It’s hard to picture a movie about the lion king without the character of Pumbaa and his friend, Timon. Seth Rogen takes over from Ernie Sabella to give voiceover for Pumbaa. Seth Rogen is a class act on his own and was definitely a right fit for the role.

Pumbaa is the warthog who joins to save and rescue a tired Simba in the desert. Then, he would join the young King to return to the Pride Lands to reclaim his throne.

Billy Eichner (Timon)


Credit: The Lion King (2019)

Timon is the hilarious meerkat who’s a friend of Pumbaa. He’s the smallest of all the main characters but has got the biggest of hearts. Timon and Pumbaa find Simba in the desert and teach him to live and survive in the wild. Billy Eichner gives a voiceover for the Timon character. Eichner takes the baton from Nathan Lane and delivers it perfectly.

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter (Nala)


Credit: The Lion King (2019)

Definitely one that needs no introduction, Beyoncé lends her voice to Nala’s character. Part of the movie’s publicity centered around the voice behind the character. Beyoncé brought her musical and acting skills to the table to deliver the role.

Nala is Simba’s childhood best friend. She would later go on to become his love interest and future Queen. They both part ways when Simba runs away from home and the Pride Lands. They later reunite and convince Simba to come and fight for his rightful place as King.

Chiwetel Ejiofor (Scar)


Credit: The Lion King (2019)

The movie’s main antagonist, Scar, goes on to kill his older brother to become King. Scar is the uncle of Simba and is responsible for convincing Simba to flee the Pride Lands. His twisted narrative of events leading to Mustafa’s death makes Simba believe he’s responsible.

Chiwetel Ejiofor gives voice to the Scar character in this The Lion King remake. When asked about the character, Ejiofor agreed that Scar has to be “psychologically possessed” to have that kind of hate for family.

John Kani (Rafiki)


Credit: The Lion King (2019)

One of the notable characters in 1994 The Lion King is the wise, aged mandrill. He’s the Pride Lands shaman and a devoted friend of Mufasa. He delivers one of the most memorable scenes in the movie when he raises young Simba for all the other animals to see.

Add to his ever-humorous wisdom quotes; he’s always a delight to watch. The character was voiced by none other than South African actor John Kani.

John Oliver (Zazu)


Credit: The Lion King (2019)

Every King needs a majordomo, and Zazu’s hornbill character plays the role. He served Mufasa before his death and was imprisoned shortly after. Imprisoned and afraid, he’s forced to also serve as Scar’s majordomo. Even after Simba reclaims his throne, Zazu stays faithful to the throne. British-American comedian and actor John Oliver lends his voice to the Zazu character.Beyoncé lends her voice to Nala’s character

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