There are Two New Star Trek Films in Development

Chris Heckmann of ScreenRant is more than accurate when he states that it’s been a long three years for fans of Star Trek that have been waiting patiently for word that any cinematic experience will be on its way after Star Trek: Beyond. A lot of fans obviously weren’t ready to hear that there are TWO Star Trek movies now in development. Of course this leaves people to wonder just how this could be and what might be in store for the franchise. It’s also a wonder as to how the movies will coincide with the TV shows that became a priority after Beyond failed to shock and awe the fans at the box office. So far there aren’t a lot of details but it’s a hope that we’ll get to find out more as the projects move ahead. The attempt to create a synergy between the TV shows and the movies could be an interesting idea that might draw more fans back into the fold, though to be fair it doesn’t seem like a lot of people have really gone anywhere since Star Trek is still considered to be one of the most popular movies and TV shows of all time. One could say however that Star Wars has been edging them out just a bit even with the release of The Last Jedi, which was likely hated more than the last two Star Trek movies.

What the stories will be about is anyone’s guess since if they’re redoing the movies that came before, and Beyond kind of argues against that, then we’d be seeing some form of The Voyage Home and The Final Frontier coming up eventually, but it does kind of feel that those in charge might want to see something a little different as the timeline was altered and as a result things have a way of rippling outward as they continue to change. Plus, given that things have been changing since J.J. Abrams took over with the first movie in this current series it would be a shame to return to the old ideas and simply try to recycle them. That’s kind of the gist of things when it comes to the current era sometimes, but if Star Trek is really trying to move forward and not slip back into old habits it’s going to need something that will be familiar but at the same time be a definitive step forward that will allow the story to be fully embraced by the fans.

One thing that some fans might be hoping for and others might be hoping to avoid would be the idea that Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek, if he ever gets it off the ground, might be connected to the franchise in any way. It doesn’t sound as though it would, but some fans might think it would be revolutionary in a way, though it might put a rather dark mark on the franchise if it did since Tarantino’s movies are notoriously dark at times and insanely violent, two things that Star Trek tends to stay away from more often than not even with some of their more dangerous story lines. As a possibility this doesn’t seem like it will happen, but all the same there are likely fans that would love to see it. According to Ian Sandwell of Digital Spy the soonest we could expect another Star Trek movie would be in 2021 since despite the talk of it happening it’s very likely that it won’t be anytime soon and there’s still quite a bit to be done in order to get the ball rolling towards the finish line. The casting is going to change just slightly since the core members will be returning most likely, apart from Anton Yelchin due to his untimely passing.

At this time, and it might be arguable, it really seems as though Star Trek has stagnated just a bit. As a Star Wars fan I don’t tend to pay much attention to Star Trek largely because despite having been released first, it’s simply too idealistic at times whereas Star Wars offers a different type of balance that calls to some people in a much different manner. But while it does appear to have hit a few snags along the way, the Star Trek franchise is still going strong and has yet to really experience that much of a dip in its following as people both young and old have continued to hope and wait for a new movie to come out after Beyond, but the emphasis on the TV shows has been more than obvious. Hopefully with two movies in development eventually the big screen will be kinder to the franchise and the story will find another way to awe the audience in a manner that will have them nearing the top of the box office. Richard Newby of The Hollywood Reporter has more to say on this particular discussion.

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