Why Logan Deserves to Win Best Picture

Why Logan Deserves to Win Best Picture

While it is somewhat premature, there are a number of organizations and people who are making early Oscar predictions for Best Picture. So far, there have been some worthy contenders that include The Beguiled, Get Out, The Aftermath and more, but with it so early in the game, no one knows what is coming. One unlikely candidate for Best Picture is the Marvel spin-off, Logan. While it is almost sacrilegious to even suggest that an action movie is considered for best picture, Logan is not an action movie, at least not at the core.

To understand the argument for Logan to deserve the Academy Award for Best Picture, you must have some understanding of the X-Men franchise and the character of Wolverine. It is the transition from invincible and immortal to the realm of vulnerability and immortality that gives this character its substance. While the things that Wolverine could do were nothing short of extraordinary, their significance was diminished by the fact that he could regenerate so quickly that he was virtually invincible. Those familiar with the series can remember a scene when they were on the run, and a cop shot Logan in the head. Moments later he is pushing the bullet out of his head and he gets up.

In Logan, fans are introduced to the humanity of the character and the tough choices he must make in his decisions to defend a young girl he does not know but can relate to. The interconnectivity of characters and the complexity and development of the storyline is worthy of not only being considered but actually taking home Best Picture honors.

Yes, the film definitely is not short on action. It is a Marvel product after all. But, it is not the action that makes this film. The action is almost a sub-print expression of what each character is dealing with along the way. We see characters who have survived through multiple renderings of this franchise finally meet their demise, and the finality associated with this reality. At the same time, we see a hope for a better future for the species, a future that Logan makes the ultimate sacrifice in order to protect.

When it comes to the presence of those components that critics look for in every Oscar-worthy film, Logan has them all. This film is far beyond what many might consider being shallow, high-octane action. Each frame of this movie is filled with substance and uncertainty, leaving the audience with their heart racing. This time hearts are not racing because of some explosive action seen, but because the fans have become connected to the characters and the uncertainty of what is to come is almost unbearable.

There is no doubt that the competition for Best Picture will be stiff for 2018, but Logan represents a hybrid that we rarely, if ever, get to experience – something with substance that also possesses volatile activity at the perfect moments. This is a film in which the audience never gets to settle in and become comfortable. They are on the edge of their seats for reason or another throughout the entire film. So, my vote goes to Logan for Best Picture.

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