The Five Most Underrated Moments in MCU History

Captain America 4

There are so many great moments in the MCU that picking out the best of them isn’t exactly an easy feat. But there are also quite a few underrated moments that came and went that weren’t really picked up on simply because people were wanting to get to the action. It could be that these moments featured cameos by a few very famous faces, or it could be that they simply told a part of the story that was funny and kind of interesting but they were glossed over in favor of getting on with the movie. In any case, some of the best scenes in the MCU thus far are moments that have been underrated in a big way and are kind of in need of being recognized for how great they really were since otherwise, it becomes a little too easy to forget about them. While the great and powerful moments in the movies are easy to recall and should be remembered, it’s nice to think that some of the moments below have earned that distinction as well simply because they were moments that set up other great moments in the MCU at some point.

Here are some of the best underrated moments from the MCU thus far.

5. Revealing Loki in Ragnarok

The idea of thinking that anyone else noticed a very big difference in Odin’s behavior does come to mind, but it also bears thinking that there weren’t a lot of individuals within Asgard who would dare to challenge the Allfather. Heimdall couldn’t help but leave since with his sight he knew the truth, but convincing anyone else might have been a huge task that he wasn’t quite up to. Thor on the other hand knows his father quite well and wasn’t fooled by Loki in the least, especially since he called him out right before his hammer returned to his hand. Could Loki take a full shot from Mjolnir right to the face? He’s a god after all, but he might not be feeling too divine after that kind of a hit.

4. Iron Man’s first flight

Technically this wasn’t his FIRST flight ever, but it was the first flight in a suit that wasn’t made from a pile of scraps and with such severe limitations. Still, Tony was never the kind to walk when he could run, and this kind of proves that considering that he exceeded his suit’s capabilities without even bothering to wonder if it was a good idea, and it nearly killed him. Even encased in armor it’s likely that Tony would not have survived such a fall since the man in the armor would still take the impact damage unless the suit was somehow able to resist the kind of force that gravity imposes on so many.

3. Star-Lord vs Gamora vs Rocket and Groot

This fight for the orb is just classic since it’s a serious case of one-upping each other that goes on until Gamora is incapacitated and Quill is finally taken down by one of Rocket’s gadgets. In turn, Rocket and Groot are picked up by the Nova Corps, but up until that point, the fight is actually pretty cool since it’s a running smash and grab that is kind of surprising since Gamora is holding back in a big way and it’s easy to think that none of them want to kill each other for their own reasons. But the giant game of tag they play for the orb is amusing since the tricks that are used are pretty funny.

2. Captain America can’t get drunk.

So what’s the point of drinking then? Can Captain America even get a good buzz going or does he have to chug the bottle and hope that it doesn’t overload his liver? There are only a handful of people in the Marvel universe that can do this, and even the most capable among them would probably find it hard to keep up with Cap if he simply can’t get drunk. To see a drinking contest between Steve and Thor would be interesting since it does feel as though Thor would win, but Steve would certainly be able to hold his own. But then again, we didn’t really get a full test of Steve’s claim, did we?

1. The God of Hammers?

The battle with Hela kind of drowned out this moment between father and son, that much is true, but it speaks volumes since in Norse mythology Thor couldn’t even wield his hammer without a special glove and belt, but in the Marvel universe he’s treated the hammer like it’s a part of his life force more often than not. But the idea is that he is a god and that he didn’t really need the hammer, save to channel the powerful forces at his disposal when needed.

There are quite a few underrated moments in the MCU.

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