The Five Most Annoying People at the Movies

The Five Most Annoying People at the Movies

Going to the movies is one of my favorite things to do, especially during the summer. There’s nothing I love more than getting a nice bag of popcorn, sneaking in a cold soda and some candy, and sitting down next to my friends to watch a film that we’ve been dying to see for months. However, sometimes annoying people at the movies get in the way of me being able to enjoy this relaxing and fun activity.

You know the type of people I’m talking about, the ones that make waiting for the Blu Ray copy of a film or watching it on On Demand or Netflix months down the line a much more desirable option, just so you don’t have to deal with them. Since I go to the movies quite a bit, I’ve run into many different kind of agitating individuals, but in my opinion, these are the five most annoying people at the movies.

The Texter.

This is the person who, even though they’ve just paid ten dollars to go see the movie, couldn’t be less interested. They’re on their phone constantly, texting away to their friends or scrolling through Twitter or Facebook. While it’s understandable for someone to take his or her phone out every once in a while to check the time during the movie, having it out for the entire two hours is ridiculous, especially when you don’t turn down the light on the screen. It’s blinding, inconsiderate, and most certainly annoying.

The Talker.

While texters bother me, there’s nothing worse than the people who talk all the way through an entire movie. These are the individuals who don’t even speak about things related to the movie. Instead, they just have their own side conversaitons with their friends, like they’re sitting in their living room back home. Even though some people love to keep conversations going through movies (you know, instead of being quiet, listening, and actually just enjoying them), that type of behavior should be saved for your own house. If you do it in the theater, you certainly qualify as one of the most annoying people at the movies.

The Sandwich Eater.

While this never happened to me, it did happen to my friend Blaise and his dad. They had these people sitting in the row in front of them who had brought hoagies inside the theater with them to eat during the movie. Blaise and his dad couldn’t stop hearing the people’s loud chewing or smelling the strong scent of the onions from their sandwiches. And the worst part was that there was no escape. These people hadn’t started eating the sandwiches until 20 minutes into the movie, and there was no open seats for Blaise and his dad to move to.

The Chair Kicker

This is a pretty common type for annoying people at the movies. It’s also pretty self-explanatory: you don’t kick  the person’s chair who is sitting in front of you. It can happen by accident once when you’re getting up, but if it happens any more times after that, you’re the worst and should be allowed to come to the movie theater.

The overly emotional fanboy/fangirl.

As a huge Harry Potter and Star Wars fan, I get wanting to freak out when you get to see your favorite characters up on the big screen. It’s like being greeted by old friends who you haven’t been able to visit in a couple of years. However, no matter how excited people are about watching a movie, we all need to understand that cheering or clapping or yelling out distracts from the film itself. It could be the single greatest in all of cinema happening on screen, so why ruin it with your noise? Just sit there and enjoy it with everyone else and let the awe-inspired silence do your talking for you.

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