The Five Least Believable Things in The Star Wars Movies

Bear with me because this is kind of difficult considering that I’m a big Star Wars nerd and love the franchise quite a bit, so speaking ill of it in any way requires a bit of preparation, both mentally and spiritually. But with that being said, there are things within the overall story that are kind of hard to deal with since they stretch the bounds of belief in a way that’s not just extraneous, but definitely takes more than many people have when it comes time to simply shrug their shoulders while saying ‘meh’. Some folks can accept this because the movies are just that, movies, and aren’t to be taken as a factual account of anything that could actually happen. Those that want to get political about this and claim that the Rebellion is akin to Antifa or some nonsense, go find another site to jabber on, since this is going to be all about the story, and not about any political agenda or how it pertains to the real world. After all, Star Wars is fiction, and those that want to use it as a political metaphor are somehow worse than the most toxic fanboys, which is saying something.

Here are just a few things that are truly difficult to believe about Star Wars.

5. The fact that stormtroopers couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn.

Has anyone ever read what it takes to become a stormtrooper? Yes, they did switch up their recruiting methods from the original trilogy and apparently, the First Order started training them as children. But there’s still the odd anomaly such as Finn that becomes ‘woke’ and realizes that what the First Order is doing is wrong. But one would think that with all the training they receive, which encompasses a large portion of their lives, troopers would be able to eradicate anything in their line of sight with ease. The fact that they’re shown to miss so much and that they’re less than intelligent at times is a way of saying that the Empire and the First Order simply needed extra bodies that could pull the trigger on a blaster and didn’t worry about the skill level of their infantry. Yeah, that’s hard to imagine.

4. A Galactic Empire couldn’t crush a small rebellion that was scattered and hurting for resources.

It’s true that a group that’s scattered and not as boisterous in their methods is harder to track, but when it came time to go head to head the Empire and the First Order both had superior firepower and numbers, and somehow the Alliance and the Rebels simply waded in and got the job done without too many losses since they’d been infiltrated, they’d been raided, and they’d been otherwise undermined at every turn by the Rebels. What was to stop the Empire or the First Order from simply bombarding every planet that wasn’t vital to their war effort in order to curtail every effort the Rebels made? Oh, lazy writing, that’s right.

3. The idea that Finn could wield a lightsaber without causing grievous injury to his own body.

This tends to contradict the idea that stormtroopers were so poorly trained since it would appear that using hand to hand weaponry was well within their skill set, but their own blasters were a foreign concept to them. Plus, given that a vibro-blade or vibro-ax wouldn’t do as much damage to his body it feels likely that trying the same movements with a lightsaber would have left Finn in pieces the moment he picked it up and gave it a swing. On top of that, how in the world did he even figure out how to work the weapon without any training? This went well beyond the realm of lazy writing and into the idea that he could do this because…reasons.

2. Thinking that outdated and barely functioning tech could outrun or outgun superior firepower updated technology.

One might want to argue that having less to deal with made the Rebels more mobile and less apt to have to slug it out as often, meaning that they could strike and fade away. But their technology still wasn’t nearly as powerful as the First Order’s or the Empire’s and their smaller craft were their bread and butter as it was seen in the movies. With swarms of TIE fighters at their disposal and enough Star Destroyers to crack a world in half, it feels as though the Rebels shouldn’t have been able to go toe to toe with the much larger force.

1. Believing Rey could be that awesome with minimal training.

There is such a thing as natural, raw talent, but like it or not, the kind of training that Rey would need to take down one of Snokes’ guards, let alone stand against Kylo Ren, a TRAINED fighter, on her first attempt with a lightsaber, has its roots buried in shoddy writing more than anything since the most novice among the Jedi should have been able to put her down, while a fighter that was trained by Luke Skywalker, even injured, should have put her on the ground in pieces.

Sometimes stretching the story too thin can reveal a lot of gaping holes.

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