Five Original Movie Scripts We Wish We’d Have Gotten to See

Five Original Movie Scripts We Wish We’d Have Gotten to See

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It’s kind of interesting to wonder how many original scripts are out there that we’ve never had the chance to see since one thing or another happened and they simply disappeared after a while. Sometimes those original scripts might have come at the wrong time, or it could have been that the right people weren’t found to complete them, but the point is that we didn’t get a chance to see what they might have been, even if the movies were made and didn’t come out the way that the original writers were wanting. That’s one thing that happens in Hollywood obviously since there are so many differing opinions and it’s always bound to happen that one person might have more influence than the writers, meaning that their ideas will be followed since they’ve gained the kind of reputation that lets others know that their ideas usually become something that’s worth watching. Unfortunately, as impressive as this might be at times it can lead to a huge problem that can’t be fixed so easily since hubris is the type of thing that leads to mistakes and to what we could have had but didn’t. The point is, there are still scripts out there for movies we’ve seen and movies we haven’t that might be able to wow us if the right director took the helm.

Here are just a few of the scripts that we might have liked to see on the big screen.

5. The Masque of Black Death

Akira Kurosawa was a genius in his own right and turning one of Edgar Allen Poe’s best ideas into an anime movie might have been one of the best ideas out there. In fact, it might still be a great idea if someone could make it work since the inescapable nature of death is one of the many stories that don’t tend to get old, so long as there’s someone that knows what they’re doing with the tale. Kurosawa’s passing was, unfortunately, one reason why this never went forward, since he had to dictate much of it, but it does feel that if someone had the ambition and the skill it could still work.

4. Justice League: Mortal

This version of the Justice League might have actually put the DC universe on par with the MCU early on since it featured the actual Justice League, not just the trio that became the sextet by the end of the Whedon disaster. Green Lantern might have even been able to gain a bit more respect had this movie been allowed to go forward. But somehow the idea just up and died and the MCU was born not too long after and we all know how that story has turned out so far. Since then the DC universe has been doing what it can to get every movie and show out in front of the public and to play catch up in a big way.

3. At the Mountains of Madness

Anytime you bring H.P. Lovecraft and Guillermo Del Toro into the same sentence it’s enough to give a lot of fans chills since the two are great enough on their own that they tend to get fans wanting whatever it is that’s about to come out. But despite the fact that Toro does still want to make this happen it feels as though the time has passed and there’s not much chance of seeing it any longer. Something could happen to make it possible, but right now that doesn’t sound like it’s in the cards since Hollywood has changed quite a bit since this idea first came to pass, and it’s likely that Toro might not get the same budget he would want.

2. Gremlins

Just watching this movie makes it obvious that it could have been a lot darker and earned a hard R-rating rather than become the cutesy, almost hands-off movie that it was. There wasn’t any real danger that people could discern since as dangerous as the Gremlins were supposed to be, it was quite obvious that they weren’t about to be that big of a threat until they formed an unruly mob that was intent on pure mayhem.

1. Batman

A lot of people might have never figured that Tim Burton’s Batman would have been better had it been any different, but the original writer of the script for this movie had a few other ideas that didn’t make it into the final cut. Why this was the case is kind of obvious, Burton didn’t want them or didn’t think that they would fit. The visions of the director and the writer tend to be quite different at times and the person that has the final say is the one whose shoulders the movie rests on. A lot of times the writer is basically the person churning out the idea before getting pushed to the back of the bus, so to speak.

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