The Five Best Wedding Movies of the 80s

The Five Best Wedding Movies of the 80s

Bachelor party

So let’s amend this and say that these are movies that have something to do with weddings or have weddings in them but aren’t always necessarily fixated on the wedding itself. The 80s wedding movies certainly had their own share of quirks since, let’s face it, people weren’t quite so sensitive about the material they watched back in this day. Plus, the content wasn’t up for debate about how insensitive or sexist it was, as it was all just good fun and was meant to be taken that way. Some of the content was a little dicey at times but once again, it was a movie and while people today seem to love tearing the older movies apart, some folks agree that taking them too seriously means your sense of humor might be broken. Marriage is after all a sacred bond, but making a movie about a marriage, particularly a comedy, is all about having a good time and recognizing that no matter how bad it gets, it’s a movie and not meant to be taken seriously, or literally in some cases.

Here are the five best marriage movies of the 80s.

5. Moonstruck

Garin Pirnia of Mental Floss has a few interesting things to say about this movie and it’s not too surprising since the movie is interesting to begin with considering its plot. Some might call it pretty simple since it is a case of a woman, a widow in fact, becoming engaged to one brother but somehow falling in love with the other brother during the course of the movie. The manner in which it happens however is kind of kooky since in a roundabout way the viewer gets the idea that this is going to happen no matter how many times it seems like it might not. This movie is still a classic after all this time even if a lot of folks don’t remember it.

4. Sixteen Candles

Reading an article by Lisa Respers France of CNN you might roll your eyes or agree that the humor this and many other movies back in the day is now considered out of bounds and should have been back then. But the marriage in this movie was actually something that was considered a big deal and also a point of supreme annoyance as it meant that the main character, Samantha, had to deal with everyone forgetting her birthday in order to celebrate her older sister’s wedding. The hilarity in this movie was almost non-stop but again, looking back on it now one has to choose whether or not to laugh or be appalled. Laughter is a lot easier to be honest.

3. Steel Magnolias

It’s hard to believe that this movie is over three decades old but Julia Reed from Garden & Gun took the time to explain away the premise behind the story. If you’ve seen it then you know very well that the wedding in this movie was kind of the introduction since Shelby and her beau getting married was the big to-do in the beginning, while the lives of her family and friends throughout the rest of the movie kind of took over after that. It was a sad and very dramatic movie to be honest but it did have its bouts of hilarity here and there, especially when the moment called for it every now and again.

2. The Princess Bride

The marriage in this movie was kind of like stage dressing in a way since the main story kept it in the background but never really seemed to make use of it that much unless it was absolutely needed. Instead the idea of marriage was something that seemed to be kind of depressing since the woman in question didn’t want to marry the man and the individual that was chasing after the woman following her kidnapping was the one she really wanted. As classic stories go this was and still is one that a lot of people remember fondly since it was a part of our childhood and brings back a lot of great memories.

1. Bachelor Party

Here’s another movie that might not be able to be made today without offending a lot of people since it did deal with a lot of subject matter that some folks might find abhorrent. From the main character to the bachelor party itself a lot of people would no doubt pick out a dozen things here and there that are less than appealing for one reason or another, while those of us that grew up watching these movies tend to shrug it off as comedy and move on with life once it’s all over and done with. After all, most of what we see on the movies is entertainment, fantasy, and not meant to happen in real life. Right?

Yes marriage is sacred, but in the movies it’s just like anything else, it’s up for do with weddings

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