The Five Best Scenes In Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up

The Five Best Scenes In Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up

The Five Best Scenes In Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up

One of the biggest movies of the season is Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up, which sees the return of Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, along with a top-notch supporting cast such as Jonah Hill, Timothee Chalamet, Cate Blanchett, and Meryl Streep. Don’t Look Up is about an astronomy grad student who makes a huge discovery of a comet that’s making a direct collision towards Earth. Kate Dibiasky and Dr. Randall Mindt try their hardest to warn the world about the planet-killing comet, but it comes across as an inconvenient fact that everyone has a hard time accepting until it’s too late.

Dr. Mindy, Oglethorpe, and Kate Dibiasky’s first meeting with President Orlean and her son Jason

So, Dr. Mindy and Kate Dibiasky have found a comet that’s going to destroy the world. The head of planetary defense has backed up their discovery. Certainly, the President of the United States would take this manner very seriously, right? Nope. This gives us the full scope of the cynical world that Mindy, Oglethorpe, and Dibiasky have to deal with. A narcissist for a president who is so wrapped up in politics that her main concern is whether this will make her look good or not. Her son Jason is a dimwit. Adam McKay does an excellent job balancing the humor and seriousness of the subject manner. Meryl Streep and Jonah Hill’s nonchalant, ignorant comments are hilarious and it’s fascinating to see how such a major discovery is taken with a grain of salt.

Dr. Mindy and Kate Dibiasky on The Daily Rip

Okay, so President Orlean and Jason surprisingly didn’t take the news of the world dying as seriously as they should, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of world is as jaded as those two, correct? Wrong. News anchors Jack Bremmer and Brie Evantee feed into the satire about how image and the court of public opinion has clouded the world’s brain. Dr. Mindy is seen as the likable one because he’s not shouting that we’re going to die like Kate Dibiasky is. One would think that the grim news of the world ending would be meant with silence and sadness, but instead, the anchors are more concerned with their image, consistently cracking jokes and putting on a smile. The dynamic of Tyler Perry and Cate Blanchett is fantastic, and the overall scene is filled with funny zingers. Having the world look at Kate as crazy, or her boyfriend’s co-worker calling her bipolar was downright hilarious, though it continuously played off the themes expressed in this film.

Dr. Mindy’s outburst on a kid’s show

Dr. Mindy and Kate have seen the comet that’s coming to destroy the planet. Though Mindy’s on a kid’s television program, he’s had enough holding his true emotions back and simply says that everyone is going to die. Then he flips out about the pending doom and calls President Orlean and Jason sociopaths and fascists. To cover her slip up of not taking action about the comet sooner, President Orlean has decided to make this a political campaign by making the two scientists not look credible. This simple scene is pure gold in terms of comedy. Dr. Mindy has played the media game for long enough, so for him to finally lose it was funny enough. However, the juxtaposition of him issuing the alarming news on a kids program put this scene over-the-top. The kid’s and puppet’s reaction was perfect and it was nice to see Dr. Mindy no longer trying to be the nice guy when that schtick had failed to get the original message across.

The Look Up Rally

President Orlean has successfully rallied some of the public against looking up. The world is in the midst of a huge crisis and the self-centered President only cares about her political campaign and covering her mistakes. In turn, Dr. Mindy and Kate Dibiasky have made a Look Up campaign, which also features the stereotypical Hollywood singing couple DJ Chello and Riley Bina releasing their special single, Look Up. This scene is all types of ridiculous, but the humor keeps the film strong. The all-star cast of Don’t Look Up is excellent, with Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi pulling in a fun cameo as the superficial couple who are simply asking you to look up. The world is about to end, but who says we can’t have one last concert before our pending doom?

Dr. Mindy returns home

The world finally realizes that life is over and everyone is finally treating the situation seriously. Naturally, when disaster strikes, people want to be with their loved ones and despite the strain between Dr. Mindy and his wife, all that is pushed to the side since everyone is dying. Oh, and June had sex with Aaron Tan in college so the couple is even. It’s a sweet final moment of truly showcasing the best of humanity by these people just being normal. They’re scared, but at this point there’s nothing they can do but have some good food and laughs before death. It’s a heart-warming scene before everyone on earth meets their grim fate, though President Orlean’s realization that she left Jason behind is hilarious.

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