The Five Best Moments From The There Are No Saints Trailer

This gritty action-thriller comes from the writer of Taxi Driver and Raging Bull. The premise is simple: a former hitman must resort to his criminal ways once a ruthless cartel boss kidnaps his son. With enemies on both sides, The Jesuit must fight to save his son, and confront the sins of his past. This feature also stars Academy Award nominee Tim Roth and Ron Perlman. There Are No Saints will be released on May 27, 2022, here are the top five moments of the released trailer.

The Jesuit and Tim Roth Driving Through The Desert

What makes this scene stand out isn’t necessarily the moment itself, it’s the layers surrounding it. The first few seconds of the trailer instantly give us an important showcase of the main character. The Jesuit is a bad guy, whose only redemptive quality is that he cares and loves his son. However, his ride with Tim Roth’s character (who doesn’t have a name based on IMDB) only continues to exemplify the grimy world that he’s caught up in. Despite coming from prison, The Jesuit is still a hired gun and Roth is his business partner? He’s a Hitman so his work obviously involves murder, but what exactly does his business entail? Does he go after the low-life or scumbags in this world? Or is he a newly reformed man who’s trying to find his footing for a better life? And just what does Tim Roth have to do with his business? The trailer does a solid job of creating questions that make you want to see the upcoming film.

The Jesuit Goes John Wick On A Couple Of Gangsters

In truth, There Are No Saints seems like another run-of-the-mill action anti-hero feature. Of course, this is coming from the guy would wrote one of the best movies ever made, so There Are No Saints could turn out to be something that adds a fresh and compelling perspective to the genre. Even if that isn’t the case, the film still looks fun, and The Jesuit going full John Wick on a couple of gangsters is an eye opener. Hopefully, the action is smooth, crisp, and flows nicely that allows the feature to be good popcorn fun, and if the glimpse of this scene says something about There Are No Saints, then audiences are surely in for one hell of a ride.

Vincent Being Tortured

Neal McDonough is in the movie, so naturally, he’s playing some type of smarmy douchebag. The early portion of the trailer sees him beating the crap out of some guy and he appears to be the driving force that aids in the kidnapping of The Jesuit’s son. Torture is nothing new in films, but the significance behind this gives a stronger insight on the world and characters. This moment confirms that the film is a hard R, but shows that The Jesuit isn’t a man who’s afraid to push boundaries in order to get his son back. He’s a hitman, but the crucial thing is that he’s living in a world where he has to be careful about being exposed. Hopefully, There Are No Saints dives deeper into those aspects that can really up the tension in this upcoming action-thriller.

Guy Walking Through Prison House

The setting isn’t too sure here. It could be a prison house. A Whore house. Or something involving human trafficking. This opens up the possibilities on what the film could be and the villains at hand. Cartels are nothing new in the world of cinema, so hopefully there’s a layered approach to these villains that goes beyond the stereotypical. Expanding on the world of the cartel can create some rich and fascinating material, and given the context of the trailer, this film doesn’t appear to be just a simple action flick that gets you from point A to B.

Ron Perlman Confronts A Prisoner

Our favorite Hellboy has returned to his roots as the primary villain. Ultimately, Perlman’s character is the mastermind behind The Jesuit’s son being kidnapped, which brings up the why question?  Did the hitman kill someone close to the Cartel Boss? Did The Jesuit try to murder the powerful dealer and he’s simply trying to get revenge? The connection between the Cartel Boss and The Jesuit is instrumental for the protagonists journey to grow and evolve, so it should be extremely interesting to see the path that gets him to that point. Plus, it’s Ron Perlman in a villain role, so you know you’re going the Sons of Anarchy actor will chew up scenes in There Are No Saints. The trailer does a solid job of not giving too much away about the main antagonist, so hopefully some nice surprises are in store from Perlman’s character.

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