The Five Best Moments From The Crimes Of The Future Teaser Trailer

The director of Eastern Promises and A History Of Violence Is Back in this erie sci-fi drama. In a not too distant future, the world has advanced to the point where the human species has adapted to a synthetic environment, with the body undergoing a new transformation and mutation. The focus is on performance artist Saul Tenser, who highlights the metamorphosis of his organs in avant-garde performances. However, a mysterious group is using Saul’s notoriety to bring light the next phase of human evolution. Here are the five best moments of The Crimes of The Future Trailer.

Saul Tenser Undergoes A Transformation

It’s hard to make out what exactly Crimes of the Future is. That’s actually the biggest strength of this mysterious sci-fi feature. It appears to be a mix of Alien, Altered Carbon, and Pan’s Labyrinth, but even then, the premise doesn’t seem to come close to matching any of those features. The teaser starts off well enough, with Viggo Mortensen’s character going through some sort of transformation. Is he changing his human skin? Or is this moment showcasing the performance mentioned in the premise? The air of mystery really heightens the tension in this teaser; Crimes of the Future appears to be some type of social commentary about society as a whole, and it should be fascinating to truly get an understanding of what the full message is.

Mysterious Man Has His Mouth Sewn Shut

It hard to call this person a man when his ears are on his head! Crimes of the Future is strange. That’s not a knock against the film as plenty of great films are strange, the most notable is Eraserhead. The teaser gives off a David Lynch vibe where the visuals are shocking and often grotesque, but there’s a deeper meaning behind these images. Is this man a part of the transformation? Is he a mysterious creature? Is the crime humanity’s obsession with trying to look perfect? The figure is far off-balance from that, but if it’s a commentary on society trying to meet high beauty standards then it would be a great representation for what the message stands for. Crimes of the Future is clearly a deep and thought-provoking piece and given the lack of violence presented in the teaser, the message is simply more than the usual crimes of murder.

Kristen Stewart Is Piercing Through A Man’s Stomach

From vampire to the investigator of the National Organ Registry, the Twilight actress continues to branch out in different roles and seeing her impale a prone body gives more insight about her character, but not exactly what’s going on. What does this all mean? Is this a subtle message about the next phase in human evolution? The premise makes it clear what Stewart’s character is, but it could ultimately be some kind of twist in the end. Perhaps Stewart is revealed to be the culprit of this secret organization? Stewart’s role in this film is an eye-opener as it’s nice to see her in something vastly different than her past projects.

A Boy Is Eating A Trash Can

This moment could be nothing more than a throwaway scene, but it adds layers that continue to highlight how different this future is from modern times. The teaser didn’t showcase what society looks like on the outside, but little clues like this help add pieces to the puzzle. Who is this kid? What’s his story in the film overall? Has his body morphed into the point where human bones and skin can now take glass? There’s not much dialogue in the teaser. In fact, only the narrator speaks in the trailer; however, the images are powerful enough to convey David Cronenberg’s language. Crimes of the Future will likely turn out to be one of these types of films: a self-indulgent arthouse feature that isn’t as smart it wants to be or a masterpiece that still isn’t for the mainstream crowd.

Saul Is Squirming In A Skeleton Chair

This is reminiscent of Henry Spencer trying to cut into a chicken that somehow comes alive or his alien baby. Of course, the imagery all has some type of meaning. Saul doesn’t exactly seem to be in a comfortable position so maybe it’s part of his avant-garde performance? Or are aliens actually alive in this world? It would explain the kid eating a chair and the sewn together man, along with the weird goop seconds before this scene. We’ll just have to find out what the hell is going on when the film drops on June 2nd.

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