Coach Bobby Finstock from Teen Wolf Gives the Best Advice Ever

Coach Finstock

As I watched Teen Wolf for the 30th time last night I couldn’t help yet again realize how amazing coach Finstock was. I don’t know what’s up with Jay Tarses these days, but man do we need more characters like him in the cinematic universe. Unfortunately the last time we saw Tarses on television was in 1993. Personally I think that’s just way too long. Coach Finstock will go down as easily one of my top five sports coaches in movie history. The man ate hard boiled eggs during games. You really can’t beat that. Anyway, here’s the advice he gives to Scott (Michael J. Fox) which are words I still live by to this day.

  • Never get less than 12 hours sleep
  • Never play poker with a guy whose first name is a city
  • Never get involved with a woman whose got a tattoo of a dagger on her body

If you stick to these, then everything else is cream cheese.

And just in case you’d like to see him recite these lines in person, here they are:

This guy is my personal hero.  P.S. here’s even more advice.  “I don’t know, the guy was a third stringer.”  I wish Finstock was my father.



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