Michael J. Fox: A Tribute to His 5 Best Movies

Michael J. Fox: A Tribute to His 5 Best Movies

Michael J. Fox: A Tribute to His 5 Best Movies

From television to the big screen, Michael J. Fox has captivated audiences with his incredible talent and charm. Despite early doubts about his potential for fame due to his height and obscurity, Fox proved the naysayers wrong and became a household name. With a career spanning decades, it’s time to take a look back at five of his best movies that have left a lasting impact on fans and the film industry alike.

5. Doc Hollywood

In this heartwarming tale, Fox plays a promising young plastic surgeon who finds himself stranded in a small town after a car accident. As he adjusts to life in the country, he discovers the simple pleasures he’s been missing and falls in love with a local woman. Torn between his big city dreams and newfound love, Fox’s character ultimately chooses the path that brings him true happiness, showing us that sometimes the best things in life are the ones we never expected.

4. Bright Lights Big City

In this gritty drama, Fox portrays a man struggling with the loss of his mother and the end of his marriage. As he spirals into a world of partying, drugs, and alcohol, his life begins to unravel. Eventually, he realizes that he must take responsibility for his actions and make a change in order to find happiness and redemption. Fox’s raw and honest performance in this film showcases his incredible range as an actor.

3. Teen Wolf

Long before the dark and brooding TV series, Fox brought the original Teen Wolf to life in this lighthearted comedy. As a high school student who discovers he’s a werewolf, Fox’s character learns to balance his newfound powers with his everyday life. Through humor and heart, this film teaches us the importance of staying true to ourselves, even when faced with extraordinary circumstances.

2. Secret of My Success

In this classic 80s comedy, Fox plays Brantley, a young man who uses his wit and cunning to save a company from a disastrous merger. While his motives may not be entirely selfless, his actions ultimately benefit the company’s employees and secure his own future. This film showcases Fox’s ability to play a lovable, yet slightly mischievous, character that audiences can’t help but root for.

1. Back to the Future

It’s no surprise that this iconic film tops the list. As Marty McFly, Fox takes us on an unforgettable time-traveling adventure that has become a beloved classic. With its unique blend of humor, action, and heart, Back to the Future introduced audiences to a new kind of sci-fi that remains popular to this day. The film’s legacy, along with the unforgettable DeLorean and flux capacitor, are a testament to Fox’s enduring appeal and talent.

While Michael J. Fox’s battle with Parkinson’s disease may prevent him from returning to the screen, his incredible body of work will continue to inspire and entertain generations to come. These five films are just a glimpse into the remarkable career of an actor who has truly left his mark on Hollywood.

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